Sparklehorse Live

Evenin’ All

I hope this finds some ears.

I thought that Sparklehorse ROIO’s where as rare as Sparklehorse droppings but thanks a recent reactivation of my D’a’D account I found three. This is a lush French FM from around the time of “It’s A Wonderful Life’. It’s wonderful and melancholic.

It was so sad that Mark Linkous took a shot gun to his heart. I hope his last unreleased album surfaces eventually. Everything he did was touched with wonder.

La Cigale – Paris
October 15th 2001
FM – France Inter

1-Wonderful life
2- Apple Bed
3- Sea of teeth
4- Piano Fire
5- Eyepennies
6- Saturday
7- Weird Sisters
8- Sunshine
9- Morning hollow
10- Ghost in the sky
11- Yellow birds
12- Pig
13- Devil’s new
14- Homecoming Queen
Total : 63min

Broadcast on french radio France Inter on Bernard Lenoir’s program.

Sparklehorse – La Cigale – Paris

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  1. Martin

    This is brilliant, cheers!

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