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Glove of Films

GoB 03

On one of the ‘other’ channels of my on-line time frittering I did this. Please feel free to follow The Glove of Bones if you don’t mind inviting this kind of occurrence into your digital file. If nothing else it uses a very nice theme.

Information in relation to work flow.

When I started planning the musical aspect of 50/50 it was under the A4+ brand, as per previous issues. The theme of biography was implicit, the format (five 10 minute songs, each broadly representing a decade of life) was built in, and other intentions of continuity (all the visual content would be monochrome for example) seemed reasonably attainable.

As with all such grand schemes it seemed likely that supplementary materials would emerge so the idea of an epilog sprang to mind (and in fact inspired the ‘segue’ pieces), cutting in existing references into a mash-up, sweeping the floor, exhibiting good recycling practices. At some indeterminate point the ‘Glove of Bones’ phrase gained traction and from that the idea of a filmed piece. This is the outcome.

GoB 02

“The tooth root and aching backbone of the Glove of Bones creative project was an idea for a road movie without a road, a biography without a chronology or subject and an imaginary soundtrack for a film, based around a real movie.”

Almost a film in five equal sections with both structured musical content and more abstract found, soundscapes, atmosphere. Holmes would have a field day with the evidence but like all good conspiracy pedlars, I prefer to protect my sources.

GoB 01

I would like particular to credit the use of the ‘Holcombe Tarot’ by Wayne Burrows. I’m continually impressed by his diversity of creation. The Tarot can be seen in use somewhere around the 25 minute mark.

There are a small number of filmic references which movie geeks will spot. They are cited as points of reference for the various immersions the biographical subject has encountered and soaked up. I do not and would never claim any rights to these reflections.

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The Grey Ladies & Arbor Low

The Grey Ladies - White PeakOn Saturday we took a road trip out to the White Peak area of Derbyshire to try and find another of its megalithic treasures.

The Grey Ladies is a small monument near to the Nine Sisters and Dol Tor. It is located on private land a little distance from Youlgrave. Like the the Sisters and Dol Tor its proposed age is between 3000 & 4000 years. All that now remains are four large up right stones (so really a stone square). Previous investigations suggest there were once nine stones. Those remaining are a little over 6 foot tall and more imposing than the smaller stones of the Sisters and Dol Tor.

Standing high above the Ladies is the natural rock point of Robin Hoods Stride. From the top of this you can get a good 360 degree view of the local area.

I took a couple of rolls of 120 & 35mm film as well as the digital images below. I’ll post those separately at a later date.

The Grey Ladies - White Peak

As shown above, on the day we visited the land owner had decided to park is trailer in the middle of stones which didn’t afford the best overall views of the stones but I’ve tried to make the best of the situation.

The Grey Ladies - White Peak

The image above looking through two of the stones and up Towards Robin Hoods Stride.

The Grey Ladies - White Peak

The view below is a panorama from the top of Robin Hoods Stride looking down into the field where the Grey Ladies reside.

Robin Hoods Stride - Panorama

And the image below, standing on the incline leading up to Robin Hoods Stride.

Robin Hoods Stride

The informative Northern Antiquarian blog suggests the following about the area;

“One of the old names of this site was The Grey Ladies. This came from the well known tale found at other sites across the world, that some ladies were dancing here at some late hour and were turned into stone. A variation on this theme told how Robin Hood stood on the nearby rock outcrop to the south and pissed over the landscape here, “where seven maidens upon seeing it turned to stone.” In this case, Robin Hood replaced an older, forgotten account of a giant, who forged the landscape and the sites around Harthill Moor. and also another tale — whose origins and nature are allied to that of the petrification of the Grey Ladies — narrated with considerable sincerity by local people, was that the circle was a place where the little people gathered and where, at certain times of the year, “fairy music and the sight of hundreds of dancing shapes around the stones” would happen.”

Moving on from the Grey Ladies we went to Arbor Low. This is a large Stone Age henge high on the White Peak with dramatic views across the valley. The site is managed by English Heritage. this Northern Stonehenge has a deep circular ditch and high barrow, its also overlooked by a large Bronze Age buried mound known as Gib Hill. The wind is biting when standing on the high border mound but disappears when you walk down into the ditch. All of the stones now lie flat to the ground but its theorised that they would have been upright and greater in number when it was originally in use. Its a dramatic and impressive site.

Below is a panoramic view from the head mound, looking down across the valley below.

Arbor Low - Panorama

Two further images here, the second from inside the circle.

Arbor Low - Derbyshire

Arbor Low - Derbyshire

I’m constantly intrigued by the ancient history in the region just north of Nottingham, including the amazing Cresswell Crags which has some of the oldest Ice Age cave markings in the country. The combination of isolated and often unaffected landscape and the effort of our ancestors to produce works of mysterious significance and great permanence resonate with living history.

Below are some links to further information.





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Winterval Interlude

Fairground 01

Welcome to 2014 on one of the least overrated blogs on the inter web. This is my year for art, music, activism and unfulfilled promise. I will be regularly missing self imposed deadlines, relying on the the tolerance and disbelief of my audience and increasing my already embarrassing typo count by homophoning it in with scant regard for linguistic convention and spell check. Your patience is appreciated.

First up this year is a little sound scape that made it through the distractions of seasonal celebration. It will probably go with the ‘Sea Song and Other Fictions’ project although i’m still undecided in which direction to take this. I have an urge to be a little more punk in approach but I might need to hit on Amazon Local for some cheap studio time in which to do some shouting.

‘Winterval Interlude’ uses sounds and images from Ye Olde Market Square in Nottingham. They have an event called Winter Wonderland and I have to confess that I do….wonder… But the kids quite like it and you can never have enough German Markets and Ostrich Burger (or is the Austrich Burghers?).

Here is the video. It uses iSuper8 spliced up in iMovie with lots of filtering. Although its a little overused I really like the ripple drop  transition between shots. There are a few shots of Nottingham’s Victoria Centre in there as well although I’ve tried to avoid anything specifically ‘Christmassy’, aiming more for the Winter Holiday event itself.

If however you are a committed audiophile and more interested in the sonic qualities in the music, please enjoy the following link from Soundcloud.

Now, I recently read a piece on LinkedIn about how the British are often unnecessarily self deprecating when promoting their skills and creative endeavours. Currently I am free from the need to promote my ‘content’ in order to generate income or credibility. I enjoy my spare moments of creativity and don’t try to intellectualise the materials I release into the world. That isn’t to say that I don’t put a good deal of thought into them and try to produce a sequence of ideas that feed on their siblings.  Out of this sequence the thing I am most content with is the following image.

This is piece of pure app lead iPhonography, using three separate images a stew of 6 editing apps. At full resolution it would be half a meter square.

Winter Drops

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I like fog. I spent a lot of yesterday driving through Nottinghamshire & Leicestershire and it was foggy everywhere. I had a strong urge to stop and take some pictures but didn’t get the chance until I headed home. These are all iPhone pictures, Snapseeded and LensFlared.




I can’t of course resist the temptation the play this. Many years ago I actually went to Whitechapel with a Walkman to listen to this in the fog. A brilliant atmospheric song.

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The Last of Christmas


Probably my longest post by virtue of the photographic format. The larger images are full size so open them in a new window for the full effect.

The Hipstamatic print uses the new Tinotype lens whilst the panoramas are done using Olloclip fisheye and iPhone panorama which probably gives around 400degrees coverage. These are a little cropped and then processed, all with Snapseed.



The final panoramic needs to be seen full screen. At full size they would print around 2M in width.



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A Slow Week

As the title says it’s been a slow week (or two). Rainy days, flat light, generally embedded in the office there haven’t been many opportunities to take any photos or play with some new apps.

At best these are asides, toe in the water kinda things.

First are two from Nottingham Contemporary last Saturday. The first is an external shot using HDRPro & Snapseed. The second is internal and done with 645Pro and again Snapseed. The Contemp’ is a really great building and artspace. The current two shows are coming to their end and the internal shot is of the dancing / growling / prowling medieval figures in the first gallery. These are by artist Francis Upritchard. A little creepy, a little funny & should probably behave better in public but impressively individual and on the whole well dressed.



Earlier this evening I went to another Exhibition Opening at the New Walk Museum in Leicester. We are supporting the educational programme that runs alongside the August Sander Art Rooms exhibition that’s on for the next month or so. Sander was a German social photographer whose iconic images captured the German people mainly during the mis war periods in the early 1900’s. most prints on display are from the glass plate negatives and are of utterly exceptional quality. It was all alchemy, science, patience & luck then. No iPhones, not even iPhone1.

The opening was attended by Sanders grandson Gerd who is in the first shot below. Just behind there is a Francis Bacon painting next to a Leon Kossoff painting. Impressive.

The second shot use a new app called Slow Shutter. Can you guess what it does? Both images are tweaked in Snapseed.



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Whitby Grunge

Now back at home after an enjoyable week with the older boys. Washing still in piles and sand still in the car. So rather than tidying up I’m messing with photographs. Before I finish the Whitby pages here are two quite successful images from our last day. The tide on Saturday morning was very low and we could walk a long way out on the south beach.
The image above is a wide angle shot across the slate flats. We found lots of Ammonite fossils and shell fish in the rock pools and the view was impressive.
Below is a view looking in from the south harbour beach into the town. This one has max grunge applied. The HDR gave a ghost across the roof tops on this. There are more Hipstamatic versions going onto the Whitby page later.



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Steampunk Riverboat

Just a quick one. This is taken just outside our holiday cottage on Church Lane in Whitby. An old steel body boat that has turned up today at the boatyard. Got me humming the River Boat Song from Ocean Colour Scene.


Now head over to the Whitby Road Trip page for some more pictures.


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Shockmypic App


I saw a wonderful use of this app Shockmypic by photo blogger Rubicorno and had to give it a try. These two pictures are from last spring in my street. Hipstamatic pics filtered in Shockmypic, cropped, highlighted and framed in Snapseed. The app is a little one trick but it’s a great trick.


I had to add this one. There’s a cupcake store in town called ‘Johnnies’. These little babies are huge and pretty. £35.00 each! About the dive of a child’s head.


These are the little cakes, a farm yard theme, they do not contain any real meat.


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Into the Dark Heart of Retail

Actually it’s not that dark. I mentioned earlier that for various reasons I ended up in the service tunnels of a big retail centre. Its kind what you expect, a bit grungy, very concrete and geographically disorientating.

I went down a working coal mine once. I wish I’d had my camera with me then. There’s always an opp.

I only took a handful of pics, nothing special, but I am quite pleased by the post processing. The following use HDR, Snapseed, TiltShiftFocus, Percolator, King Camera, Dynamic Light & Blender.

There are a few variations on two themes.


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