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‘No Direction’ is an entirely self made project that includes music, video, photography and design. Everything has been made on the ‘kitchen table’ (well my various Apple devices) using materials to hand. Read through the blog for notes made during the production of the piece. Despite limitations of skill I’ve always aspired to musical endeavours and when you are sitting there dissing ‘X-Factor’ and some ones says “well could you do any better” pretty much the answer is yes. I recently went to see Pere Ubu (review here) and was encouraged that there were many sonic similarities (except they write songs with structure). So, I’ll stop talking it down and let you decide.

Very limited edition (10 only) double disc editions are available for £55.00 and single CD audio discs are £9.99 each. Payment by PayPal to Dispatch by first class post so cross your fingers. Email me. Go on. You know you want one. It’s some of the most original music you will have heard in months. Really…..

In my Sound Cloud tags I used ‘Art Noise’. This is almost correct. There are many textures and even more influences. From Drone (distortion and feedback using Amplitube), Electronica (Korg iMS-20) and World Beats (GarageBand loops) there’s quite a lot to process. The albums only none original song is a version of Syd Barrett‘s Dark Globe. This is an assemblage of chopped up chords and vocals from several attempts at nailing the song.

The accompanying videos use stop motion, retro 8mm filters, animation, photography, drawings & sculpture to illustrate their soundtracks. Some of the video ideas preceded the music, others came later.

If you like these pieces, please share them.

Watch the videos here & now.

The audio is here, streamed through Sound Cloud.


Thank you for paying attention.


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  1. Mark Ward

    Absolutely first class dude! And this is a post and a half at least!!!

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