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Glove of Bones – Pictures and new releases

Quite a busy week on the Glove of Bones site. Please visit the site and sign up for notifications. Its not bad.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Re-posting the last two blogs here for brevity.

Little Armstrong & the King of Nightmares battle on the Final Frontier

Little Armstrong & the King of Nightmares battle on the Final Frontier

Showing here for the first time are the raw scans of the images used in the Book of Bones to illustrate the songs. As previously detailed these images are a collaborative effort between my children and my self. I provided them with a list of elements; a spaceman, a ghost, some fish, a monster, a guitar etc – and left them to it. The versions that appear on these pages are my reproductions of their creations.

Art History, chemistry and whispered obscenities in Dr Killicks informal apothecary

Art History, chemistry and whispered obscenities in Dr Killicks informal apothecary

Looking for the Big Fish and foraging for Wild Mercury in Missoula & Hibbing

Looking for the Big Fish and foraging for Wild Mercury in Missoula & Hibbing

The next stage for these will be some small edits and corrections before putting them back into print, possibly with a view to producing a limited edition.

Standing on the Persians grave, dreaming and waiting for Blake's ghost

Standing on the Persians grave, dreaming and waiting for Blake’s ghost

Home is where the heart and soul briefly reside between flights of desire and imagination

Home is where the heart and soul briefly reside between flights of desire and imagination

Two recent associated musical projects have also been posted to Bandcamp this week. Both are available as free downloads in high quality FLAC files.

Ourobus New

On Tuesday 3rd of November the brilliant digitalDIZZY net label released the Soundtrack of the Glove of Bones film on their Bandcamp page. It’s great to get this vote of confidence and interest in some of the creations from this project.

The OST for the film can be downloaded in high quality FLAC format for free on the links below.

50/50 – Song Cycle

Awen New

The release of the OST seemed to be an appropriate prompt to release the 50/50 song cycle on Bandcamp. This is also a free download but also includes so hopefully interesting additional products.


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November Fog


Woodthorpe Grange 01

A quick diary style photo post. I awoke earlier than seemed reasonable this Sunday Morning. Last nights Halloween celebrations didn’t keep me awake and with the family lost to a lie in and spying an early morning fog I took a walk to our local park, Woodthorpe – with my camera & tripod. At 9.00am there where mainly dog walkers and a few council workers.

Woodthorpe Grange 02

These set of images are post processed in Lightroom with VSCO Kodak Gold filter and a touch of Snapseed.





….and of course, some cobwebbery….



Once my shoes were completely soaked through I took a trip into town. These are all Hipstamatic using Black Keys Ultrachrome & Murry lens. Pictures include Victoria Park, Sneinton Market, The Lace Market, the Market Square and finally some cake.

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Winterval Interlude

Fairground 01

Welcome to 2014 on one of the least overrated blogs on the inter web. This is my year for art, music, activism and unfulfilled promise. I will be regularly missing self imposed deadlines, relying on the the tolerance and disbelief of my audience and increasing my already embarrassing typo count by homophoning it in with scant regard for linguistic convention and spell check. Your patience is appreciated.

First up this year is a little sound scape that made it through the distractions of seasonal celebration. It will probably go with the ‘Sea Song and Other Fictions’ project although i’m still undecided in which direction to take this. I have an urge to be a little more punk in approach but I might need to hit on Amazon Local for some cheap studio time in which to do some shouting.

‘Winterval Interlude’ uses sounds and images from Ye Olde Market Square in Nottingham. They have an event called Winter Wonderland and I have to confess that I do….wonder… But the kids quite like it and you can never have enough German Markets and Ostrich Burger (or is the Austrich Burghers?).

Here is the video. It uses iSuper8 spliced up in iMovie with lots of filtering. Although its a little overused I really like the ripple drop  transition between shots. There are a few shots of Nottingham’s Victoria Centre in there as well although I’ve tried to avoid anything specifically ‘Christmassy’, aiming more for the Winter Holiday event itself.

If however you are a committed audiophile and more interested in the sonic qualities in the music, please enjoy the following link from Soundcloud.

Now, I recently read a piece on LinkedIn about how the British are often unnecessarily self deprecating when promoting their skills and creative endeavours. Currently I am free from the need to promote my ‘content’ in order to generate income or credibility. I enjoy my spare moments of creativity and don’t try to intellectualise the materials I release into the world. That isn’t to say that I don’t put a good deal of thought into them and try to produce a sequence of ideas that feed on their siblings.  Out of this sequence the thing I am most content with is the following image.

This is piece of pure app lead iPhonography, using three separate images a stew of 6 editing apps. At full resolution it would be half a meter square.

Winter Drops

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Wollaton Hall Revisited


I’ve probably taken more photographs in Wollaton Park than any other single location. It’s a great place to find pretty and interesting things, a soft option to visit, and a good place to try new photo apps. Today me and GBoy went to see the bat based exhibition in the Yard Gallery and also managed to walk around the lake and enjoy the encroaching autumness. G took nearly as many pictures as I did and experimented with set up shots and motion blur with out prompt. I’m pleased he is finding his own visual language.

This is my collection. All Hipstamatic new film paks with some Snapseed edits.











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Newstead Abbey & the Sealed Knot


Today was the August end of Summer Bank Holiday. The last days of the Summer break. We took the boys up to Newstead for the Sealed Knots re-enactment of the 17th Century Royalists vs Parliamentarians battleings in the fields of North Notts. The Sealed Knot society produce brilliant living museums of the times and I have great admiration for the members who engage with visitors, children in particular and bring to life the realities of the time in a Horrid Histories style. This really should be a compulsory schooling method.

My own knowledge of the period is seriously compromised by a dull education but I grasp the basic political concepts and they reflect badly on our current situation.

But any way, here are some pictures. Again, kudos to the members of the Sealed Knot. Committed to the tiniest detail.












Before I move on, the following pretty and atmospheric #Hipstamatic pictures from the event.












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Six.By Seven at the Rescue Rooms

Six.By Seven RR01

This will end up as a non-linear piece. Mainly when I have a written thing in mind it gestates for a day or so, or appears fully formed at the moment of it’s birth pretty much without any critical capacity getting involved. A little like throwing fruit at a wall, some of it sticks and looks pretty, some of it drops into the dust.

I’ve mentioned in several previous posts my admiration for Six.By Seven. Their new album (Love and Peace and Sympathy) is a great record. Chris Olleys enthusiasm for the project has been immense and in no small part inspired by getting drummer Steve Hewitt from Placebo on board. Seeing them live brings sense to this enthusiasm.

But, skipping back an hour or so….

One of things that I’ve noticed and noted in previous ‘review’ posts is that even though I’ve turned out for the main event the starters have been surprising and impressive. From WTATDR & Variety Lights, there are a lot of really committed bands playing support the ticket sellers.

Grey Hairs RR01

The SIx.By Seven gig had three openers but sadly I only arrived in time to catch Grey Hairs. As they came out to check their equipment I had made some tiny preconceptions which where shortly trampled into sticky mush by their utterly clear mission to leave the audience shaken by commitment and volume. I looked them up when I got home and found their website here Both available recordings are worth a look. I’m particularly impressed by any band that can pull off a fresh cover of a Pere Ubu classic.

Grey Hairs RR02Listen to their take on Final Solution here….

Six.By Seven played the new album Love and Peace and Sympathy. Chris Olley wore a hat that made me think of Fields of the Nephelim which is odd because I never saw them and don’t really recall any of their material. At a push I would wear a hat like that but would probably opt for something more Sam Spade given the choice. The Rescue Rooms have really invested in their sound system in recent years and don’t seem to have acquiesced to any H&S policies when it comes to volume (this being a good thing).

Six.By Seven RR03

The set falls under awesome for filing. The band gave it their all, they had some great material that has a solid fingerprint but a good level of variation, and they are very skilled.

Six.By Seven RR05

One of the stand out tracks on the album is Truce. I managed to film that one, and its here…………

This is the album version of the song…

Six.By Seven RR06

Above all, a great night out. There is real music in the world and it’s nearer than you think.


In a brave late night decision making style Chris Olley kindly agreed to a Twitter interview. The full text is included below. I think you’ll find it both incisive and informative.


A4+ ‏‪@adrian4acn


‪@ChrisOlley1 Did you get the video to work eventfully? I need more words for the post. How about a twitter interview. I’ll be Richard Maddely.


Chris Olley ‏‪@ChrisOlley1


‪@adrian4acn yeah, Truce, looks great. Who’s Richard Maddely?


A4+ ‏‪@adrian4acn


‪@ChrisOlley1 Only someone totally committed to something other than idiocy could ask that. Well done. Interview has started.


Chris Olley ‏‪@ChrisOlley1


‪@adrian4acn Is he part of Operation Yewtree?


A4+ ‏‪@adrian4acn


‪@ChrisOlley1 That’s yet to suggested so let’s move on. ‪@rescuerooms has really sorted its sound system out. So, tell us about the hat?


Chris Olley ‏‪@ChrisOlley1


‪@adrian4acn ‪@rescuerooms The hat is a Stetson I found on Brokeback Mountain.


Chris Olley ‏‪@ChrisOlley1


‪@adrian4acn ‪@rescuerooms Rescue Rooms was best venue of tour, best venue in UK I’d say! Amazing room, dressing room and PA soundman etc.


A4+ ‏‪@adrian4acn


‪@ChrisOlley1 ‪@rescuerooms Are you just saying that because you might bump into them in the Market Square? ‪#Nottingham is a tight city.


Chris Olley ‏‪@ChrisOlley1


‪@adrian4acn ‪@rescuerooms No, we all thought that. Rock City is best venue in UK, I’ve always said that, to watch bands I mean, and play!!


A4+ ‏‪@adrian4acn


‪@ChrisOlley1 ‪@rescuerooms I agree. The National Trust has a preservation order on the carpet apparently….


A4+ ‏‪@adrian4acn


‪@ChrisOlley1 Moving on, the new album has an iconic front  cover. Is there a Beatles reference relating to the inner spread?


Chris Olley ‏‪@ChrisOlley1


‪@adrian4acn No, it had all the lyrics on it but we used invisible ink. It was a fuck up but great for signing autographs on the tour!


A4+ ‏‪@adrian4acn


‪@ChrisOlley1 The band is really well rehearsed and slay the songs. How did you meet Steve the drummer and does he come with a H&S policy?


Chris Olley ‏‪@ChrisOlley1


‪@adrian4acn Knew him from Placebo days, touring with them, he’s a hard living man!


A4+ ‏‪@adrian4acn


‪@ChrisOlley1 He certainly gave me a day & 1/2 of tintinitus. The tours over now, will you be doing more gigs soon, here or in other lands?


Chris Olley ‏‪@ChrisOlley1


‪@adrian4acn Hopefully a bigger tour in November. We will also be playing in Poland in October.


A4+ ‏‪@adrian4acn


‪@ChrisOlley1 Last question. You speak German. Is there a possibility that you could do a Helden and record Waffenstillstand?


Chris Olley ‏‪@ChrisOlley1


‪@adrian4acn Waffenstillstand?


A4+ ‏‪@adrian4acn


‪@ChrisOlley1 it’s the closest Google translate could get to ‘Truce’ It’s a shapely looking word.


Chris Olley ‏‪@ChrisOlley1


‪@adrian4acn Oh yeah! Truce is Waffenstillstand. In the context of this song though it’s probably more like ‘Ruhe’.


A4+ ‏‪@adrian4acn


‪@ChrisOlley1 That would better in the context of the song as well.


A4+ ‏‪@adrian4acn


‪@ChrisOlley1 So on that note, Chris Olley, thank you and good night!


Chris Olley ‏‪@ChrisOlley1


‪@adrian4acn Goodnight Adrian 🙂


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Race For Life

Race For Life 2012

Whilst I have your attention, like any good public service information outlet I would like to bring unsolicited advertising into your eye sight.

Mrs A4+ will running the Nottingham Race For Life for the 3rd year. Although I’m sure many of you will have your own family members to sponsor if you did manage to drop a couple of quid into my immensely tolerant wifes hat (she’s tolerant, not her hat…) it would be very appreciated. If you can help her to reach her target I promise to post lots of sweaty pictures for your amusement with a guarantee that I’ll get it huge trouble. It’s a win win.

Besides which, if there is a short fall I’ll probably have to cover it and thats not good…


Race For Life 2012 2

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No Direction

No Direction Ltd Ed

So finally, almost, here is the physical thing. My first artefact that includes original music, video, photography and design. I’ve been working on this for the last four months and it’s almost line in the sand time. I say almost in that I want to edit one video and create one for the lead out track. this will be finished well before shipping. This is an artist project, not just a musical release.

The physical item shown above includes an audio CD, standard DVD (both with 8 original songs and videos, plus a cover of the great Dark Globe by Syd Barrett), original photography & design with fold out picture card and each individually gold blocked with their edition number. The ones shown are mock ups only and there will be no more than 10 in this format.

I will be working on a CD only edition next which will again be limited in number.

You can read more about the songs and processes employed else where in this blog, but if you want to know more, leave a comment in the thread or contact me via adrian4acn@gmail.com.

Limited Edition copies of ‘No Direction’ are for sale now on pre-order for £55.00 which includes UK shipping. For international postage options please ask. Every edition will come with a letter of authenticity and all transactions will be given personal attention. To reserve an early copy send your payment via PayPal to Adrian4acn@googlemail.com

Check back for information about the audio CD only release and other opportunities to get in on ground floor.

You know you want one…..

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John Newling – Nottingham Contemporary


So contemporary art is the new rock’n’roll, at least in Nottingham. This evening I went to Nottingham Contemporary for the opening of the John Newling and Piero Gilardi exhibitions. John Newling, being a ‘local’ talent probably in-sighted the greater turn out but to see a queue outside a public gallery on a freezing cold January evening is very pleasing. Both exhibitions are engrossing and challenging. I have known John Newling (through the day job) for several years and have enjoyed many conversations about his practise and hopefully helped in some small way in the production of some of the artefacts.

The works on display for the Ecologies of Value exhibition are loaded with intent & consideration but still remarkable as items with permanence and subtle resonance. Plant life gilded and revered, nature praised and science unfolded.

This short film explains far more than I can describe.

Being unfamiliar with the work of Piero Gilardi and only distantly aware of Arte Povera the work in this part of show was surprisingly bright & playful but still barbed with political criticism both historical and contemporary. From graphic prints for campaigns to foam sculptures of landscapes and puppets. There was even a ‘dance’ piece that kept my generally waning interest for this particular form of expression.

This is utterly unrelated but was the song that hung around my head whilst looking at the work.

…and here are some more picture.







Following what transpired to be a record breaking turn out for the opening last night, John Newling presented his #Riddler jacket and the Where a Place becomes a Site : Values event in the Broadmarsh Centre. Asking the passing demographic what they value, the aim was collect a sample of opinion which will later form the basis of a spoken word performance. My contribution: Children & Warmth.




Updated update….

This film is now up on Nottingham Contemporaries You Tube channel. Mr Newling is a genuinely nice man. It’s a pleasure to know him a little.

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Church (Rock) Cemetery


I was going to call this ‘Visions of Angels’. Be it Blake, Michelangelo, Wim Wenders, Rossetti or Patti Smith I’ve always liked the idea of Angels. I don’t specifically believe in them but I’m persuaded by a Jungian archetype of a greater common good, a whispering aspiration, some eternal potential.
I don’t really go to Churches, but I’ve always admired faith driven architecture. It lacks pretension mainly and strives for beauty despite its originators more dogmatic & divisive principles.

Because of these fascinations I have photographed and drawn a lot of grave yards and Churches. From Highgate to Pere LaChaise, the hill side graves of Barcelona and the ancient burial mounds of Telendos & Santorini.
On Sunday morning as it was atmospheric (foggy) I took a walk around one I’ve not seen before, Church (Rock) Cemetery in Nottingham. Just at the top of Mansfield Road, at the highest point between the town centre and the Forest recreation ground, built into old sandstone pits in 1845, it was a crowded 13 acres of graves & monuments. The foggy atmospheric thing didn’t really play out, hence most of the pictures here are heavily post processed and heading toward painterly.


I have lots of little details and should probably make a gallery of these but they need some sorting and editing so these will suffice for now. There are some highly imaginative pieces of stonemasonry and as the site is so huge, a lot of hidden corners, secret dells and private valleys. There’s also some very odd graffiti hidden behind the ivy.


But mainly it’s the Angels, Whosian Weeping ones, less teeth, sad eyes, beckoning, lots of them, silent and mainly stationary.


This song is a natural fit and I think makes a good soundtrack for the pictures. One of my favourite early Peter Gabriel & Genesis songs, and the the subtitle for this post.

And finally, this is an iPhone & Olloclip Wideangle panorama of the main path through the upper part of the site.


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