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This is me on probably the last day of school, taken by an old friend. It’s incredible! I have hardly changed…..no…stop laughing, It’s true.

The picture below recently came in via Facebook. Looks like me at the front playing the Paul McCartney pert in a re-enactment of the Abbey Road cover only using Abbey Road in Nuneaton. Wild times….

In an effort to personalise this a little bit, heres a picture of me. I don’t have very many of myself from college or art school but this one was taken by my friend Les at North Warwickshire College of Technology & Art.

ACN 1983

Really though, it’s not about me as there isn’t much to say. Another voice in the digital world, as unique as any.

I’m an ex Art Student, family guy, gainfully employed and with not enough time on my hands but plenty of good intentions (and several dubious ones).

Once upon a time I staged exhibitions of my creative work, paintings, prints, photographs & sculptures. Much to my on going amazement, these often recieved favourable comment and more than a few good sales.

If these pages serve their purpose, I would like to share a few past glories and maybe even some new work with the wider world. I can also be commissoned for illustration and design work by those looking for something a little different.

Comments are always appreciated.


Update 06/06/10

If you would like to ask about any art work offered for sale or design & illustration services, please email me through adrian4acn@gmail.com


The picture above is recent and not entirely awful. Theres one of those funny smile things on my face. I was having a good day.

Here’s another recent and forgivable picture with me in it. This includes the three small blokes that wreck my house.

With the Boys

This was recently sent to me by an old friend and someone I shared a house with for a year when at WSA. This was the picture used in our yearbook / catalogue. When I saw it after so many years I had a Holmesian response to the background information (not least those skinny arms). History is great for looking back on.

Adrian Nicholls

6 responses to “About Me

  1. Les

    Was it me who took that photo at NWCTA, or was there another Les ? 🙂

  2. Hi there Adrian,
    Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere and for the follow. Your support is much appreciated,


  3. Adrian Woser


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