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Tilting at Windmills with Umbrellas



Inspired by a recent image from the always ahead of the curve Rubicorno I got the HDR Pro app. It wasn’t the best of weather days yesterday but with occasional blades of sun in-between the showers I took a reluctant GBoy8.05 to Greens Windmill in Snienton. Whilst he did his best Gene Kelly I had a play with the app. It is more flexible than the HDR in iOS and whilst slow it works well with a steady hand. This was also shot with Olloclip wide angle and has been cropped and framed in Snapseed.


One of the main instructions for HDR Pro is hold the camera still, it takes a second or two to change the exposure so this makes sense. It makes equal sense to exploit this delay. The following are from a quick Sunday afternoon walk in the park. First two are DBoy5.05 chasing himself on this scooter. The last is a rotation on a landscape shot. All are variously edited using Snapseed, Dynamic Light, TiltShift & PhotoToaster.

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Below is my first experiment, taken from the bedroom window, my wet shed and overgrown garden, with unkempt damp under growth and musty scented foliage . Sexy…

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Tanworth In Arden – Nick Drake’s Grave

A couple of weeks ago I saw a Twitter link to a book review. It was for ‘Pink Moon: A story about Nick Drake’, a biography of Nick Drake. First published in 1980 and written by Danish author & poet Gorm Henrik Rasmussen it’s a good read for anyone interested in Nick and his life and music. Whilst reading it I listened again to his albums which contain so many personal and illustrative songs which the author of ‘Pink Moon’ places so well in the short cycle of Nick’s life.

Whilst the information was already hanging around in the back of my mind, I was reminded that Nicks early life and final months were spent in Tanworth in Arden, a small village in Warwickshire between Solihull & Stratford. As I spend some time in the area (in being only 30 minutes from my parents house) I decided to pass through and take a few photographs. I’m not really one for pilgrimages but Nick’s short life and the tragedy of his lack of success during his life have a real resonance.

Since the publication of ‘Pink Moon’ Nicks parents have passed away so that the grave in grounds of St Mary Magellan Parish Church are now a family grave. Whilst there are small signs of tributes from fans there is above all discretion.

Photography needs light but unfortunatly last Friday was a grey and rain soaked day. The down pour abated for the hour or so I spent in Tanworth so I took quite a few pictures. So many in fact that rather than just posting a small selection I have made a short film using a guitar track from one of Nick’s late demo’s for Black Eyed Dog. Whilst they could be better they have an atmosphere that only that day could provide.All the other images here are post processed using a variety of apps, all on iPhone & iPad.


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Santorini 2003

Before I do the main post for this weekend, here are a few edits of some old pictures, scanned from prints, originally taken on my old Minolta on the island of Santorini. I would love to go back there again with all of the new toys.

All edits are done on iPad using combinations of PSTouch, Dynamic Light & Snapseed.


The first one is a evening shot of waves landing on the black volcanic sand of the beach at Perissa.


This battered old boat was on the the island of Thirasira, part of the caldera across front the main island.


The final one is a collage of the view from inside the caldera, looking toward Thirasira, with a contemporary stone monument to the volcano from the main town Fira.


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This is a quick precursor to a post I’ll send later. This is the dance company Scarabeus performing at the Cultural Champions Awards at Jaguar Landrover last night in Birmingham. A three image blend with various effects.


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Trent Bridge, Nottingham

I was really impressed this week when the Synthetic Corp released the Dylan Film & Adler 9009 lens. It could have been wildly unstylish loons (pants) but with Uncle Bobs name on it, it was going on my faves list.

On way way home during the week the sun was thinking about setting over the River Trent so I parked up and took a few snaps.

The Dylan / Adler combo does do random light leak a lot but when it works it looks warm and bright in daylight.

The following selection are shot from the riverside, the river in main view, Nottingham Forest football ground on the left & Trent Bridge cricket ground on the left (just, of you really squint).

Apparently we are quite privileged to have such great sporting institutions in our little city.

The first image is post processed with Dynamic Light, Snap Seed & Tilt Shift.






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