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Mike Watt, the Missingmen & the Hyphenated Man

Mike Watt 01


The righteous and iconic Mike Watt came back to my locality recently. Last March we got Il Sogno Del Mariano and this time we got The Hyphenated Man. Watt is an iconic musician with a thumb print on last 30 years of indie/punk playing with the Minutemen, Firehose, Sonic Youth, the Stooges and J Mascis but he still pushes at the gates with his own projects. Lasts nights performance was pre-apologised with “thank you for joining us for this fucked up piece of music”. No apology needed. The Hyphenated Man is a 45 minute power opera made up of 30 related sections. There’s was barely time to draw breath between the sections. This so utterly committed three piece (Watt on bass, Tom Watson on guitar & Raul Morales on drums) blast through the piece with precision and heart.

Mike Watt & the Missingman 02

The piece dates back to 2006 and is apparently based on characters in the paintings of Hieronymous Bosch. A quick scan of the track list makes this a little more evident;


The piece is described as a punk opera or the third opera following Contemplating The Engine Room & the Secondmans Middle Stand.

Mike Watt & the Missingmen 02


I can’t explain the narrative yet. I’ll have to get back to you on that. Watt has history with short punchy songs. The Minutemen almost invented the genre and have a solid history of juggling themes as they try to start broader conversations outside of the punk scene. You can hear the whole thing here.

My pictures are a little hit & miss. The Cookie in Leicester is a tiny cellar venue and whilst the gig wasn’t packed the surge to the front by bodies broader and taller than mine was enough to keep me on the narrow edge.

A quick mention for the support as we’ll.

Echolocation are a Leicester band of some note. A varying line up but Saturdays small crew did an interesting job. Reminded me in some ways of John Cooper Clarke stream of consciousness with jazz/post-punk soundtrack (like the Sir George Robey on a Sunday in 1992). The inclusion of trumpet really worked as well.

Mike Watt & the Missingman 03

Lazarus Clamp were also original and engaging. I swear I know the singer/guitarist from somewhere which was distracting. A touch of Wire in there as well as a more contemporary folky Midlakey thing. A couple of big songs with some well placed sonic dynamics.

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The Last of Christmas


Probably my longest post by virtue of the photographic format. The larger images are full size so open them in a new window for the full effect.

The Hipstamatic print uses the new Tinotype lens whilst the panoramas are done using Olloclip fisheye and iPhone panorama which probably gives around 400degrees coverage. These are a little cropped and then processed, all with Snapseed.



The final panoramic needs to be seen full screen. At full size they would print around 2M in width.



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Christmas & New Year Greetings from A4


It’s Boxing Day and we are in that brief holding pattern between one holiday and another. All those decisions, delay the diet, lie low, hit the sales, have a dry day… I can’t be bothered.

My best present was an Olloclip for my iPhone5. I had one for the 4 and missed using one. Lots of thanks to @F1FanWMM for picking up the significant hints, xxxx. My other best gift was the sparkle in the boys eyes over their presents. They are (as I’m sure every parent thinks) wonderful little blokes and showed them selves to be grateful for the things they received.


We have over Christmas Day and Boxing Day done our family visits, both north & south, and whilst I don’t enjoy motorway driving in the rain & dark I did get to listen again to two hours of Theme Time Radio Hour, episode 34 (1&2) from series one, the Christmas show while the family snoozed and played games in the car. TTRH series 1 to 3 would be my Desert Island choice. A bit of a cheat I know as its a little over 100hrs in total but it hangs together as a single piece that covers the entire history of 20th Century music. I have listened to it in its entirety three times, really…. This show includes Bob reading ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ which every home should have.

If you don’t know Theme Time Radio Hour, Google WhiteManStew and find yourself some more. It is probably the best thing to ever hit public radio.

You can listen to the Christmas shows here for a limited period only…

Happy Holidays. A4

Click on the arrows to play.

Episode One

Episode Two

The crystal images are quite small plastic Christmas  lights in my sister-in-laws house shot in Hipstamatic with Olloclip Macro and then added Lens Flare. The eye belongs to Gboy and has added Glaze & Lens Flare. I am quietly pleased by the appearance of Bokeh in the crystal pictures. Must try harder for more.


If you like the TTRH Shows they are here.

This is Part One & this is Part Two.

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Goose Fair


Today I took the boys to Goose Fair for a few hours. It’s a huge scary cashpit but they are tolerant and reasonable and seem to enjoy the visual/aural/nasal sensory fest as much as I do. I’ll filter the 100+ shots a little later but this is a highly processed HDR shot from the new phone. #Olloclip can just about be gripped with a thumb and the slight vignetting on wide angle cropped after.

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Nottingham Castle

Yesterday evening I went to Nottingham Castle for the preview of the Annual Open Exhibition. I have more pictures to post later but this totally over processed image stands on its own. The biggest contribution came from the evening sun. There’s not an app for that yet.


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Whitby Grunge

Now back at home after an enjoyable week with the older boys. Washing still in piles and sand still in the car. So rather than tidying up I’m messing with photographs. Before I finish the Whitby pages here are two quite successful images from our last day. The tide on Saturday morning was very low and we could walk a long way out on the south beach.
The image above is a wide angle shot across the slate flats. We found lots of Ammonite fossils and shell fish in the rock pools and the view was impressive.
Below is a view looking in from the south harbour beach into the town. This one has max grunge applied. The HDR gave a ghost across the roof tops on this. There are more Hipstamatic versions going onto the Whitby page later.



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Steampunk Riverboat

Just a quick one. This is taken just outside our holiday cottage on Church Lane in Whitby. An old steel body boat that has turned up today at the boatyard. Got me humming the River Boat Song from Ocean Colour Scene.


Now head over to the Whitby Road Trip page for some more pictures.


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Tilting at Windmills with Umbrellas



Inspired by a recent image from the always ahead of the curve Rubicorno I got the HDR Pro app. It wasn’t the best of weather days yesterday but with occasional blades of sun in-between the showers I took a reluctant GBoy8.05 to Greens Windmill in Snienton. Whilst he did his best Gene Kelly I had a play with the app. It is more flexible than the HDR in iOS and whilst slow it works well with a steady hand. This was also shot with Olloclip wide angle and has been cropped and framed in Snapseed.


One of the main instructions for HDR Pro is hold the camera still, it takes a second or two to change the exposure so this makes sense. It makes equal sense to exploit this delay. The following are from a quick Sunday afternoon walk in the park. First two are DBoy5.05 chasing himself on this scooter. The last is a rotation on a landscape shot. All are variously edited using Snapseed, Dynamic Light, TiltShift & PhotoToaster.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Below is my first experiment, taken from the bedroom window, my wet shed and overgrown garden, with unkempt damp under growth and musty scented foliage . Sexy…

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Little Visitor


Don’t you just hate it when you get with a plan for the day, working to a schedule, on a mission etc … Then it all falls over because you find a really pretty huge (for the UK) spider hiding in the sink, eating crumbs and preening himself for a photo session.

So, plans out the window, an hour later I’m still messing with Olloclip macro and Snapseed and encouraging the boys to give him a name and persuade @f1fanwmm to let us keep him.

Never mind, there’s always next Saturday.




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