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Sea Song and other fictions….the album.

Sea Song Project

I can now report that my third musical venture has landed. ‘Sea Song and other fictions’ is available to buy and download from my Band Camp page. You can find it here.


I have written an epilog / postmortem /sleeve note for the project which has its own page here . I hope this goes some small way to explain the project.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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UrgenCity (Urr-jahn-Sitt-ee)

20130215-185700.jpgSo, two weeks since my last update, barely taken any photos (cold & dull mainly, no interesting day trips) but I have made this little lump of fun. Inspired in no small part by Mark Ward & Chris Olley, and also as a result of listening to a lot of MBV, Primal Scream & Shellac, I’ve ended up with the this 4m26s ‘musical’ illustration and film.

Whilst I a share a love, nay obsession, with music with the above, sadly I don’t share their musical ability. I can just about play 5 chords on my guitar, two of which are made up and not great sounding.
However, aided by Amplitude & Korg on my iPad and Garage Band & iMovie on the computer almost anything is possible.

The underlying theme came from the Korg beat, this textured with effects and layered with Garage Band loops and a feed back track recorded through Amplitude effects pedals using my Tanglewood Bluesound.
The movie is a Hitchcock style single shot, a little over 25 minutes speeded up and squished down to fit the track length. This shot with Super8 on iPhone throughout a painfully long drive home in the snow on Wednesday night.

It took a little while to get YouTube to accept this HD file and whilst I could tweak it endlessly I’m going to set it free and move on with the next project, a slow Death Metal blues ballad with funky bass.
Long live the Punk Ethic! This is UrgenCity!!!

Here’s the second track from this little noise experiment. The full audio file streaming from Soundcloud. Play it loud.

UPDATE: Just worked out what the title is about. I had in mind a ‘period’ like Jurassic, Miocene etc, or something descriptive of a time just before an era that was about to arise. But, if you Google Ceene, other than various Italian names you find CEENE as an acronym for Cumulative Exergy Extracted from the Natural Environment.  I was going to change it, but now it’s glued in.

This is the full audio of UrgenCity. Clearer here without the video compression. As above, loud works best.


…and marching towards enough tracks for an EP, here is track 3. This included contributions from DBoy & BabyJ, both who helped record some guitar loops using DBoys mini strat. £20 well spent! This is IyeZ (from ‘eyes’ or maybe ‘I is’),video coming soon.

@f1fanwmm quite rightly pointed out the continuing theme of urban travel. It sounds like a journey through a busy city street, different music coming from diverse venues.

And as if from nowhere, here is the video for ‘Iyez’. Contributions from the looking orbs of my family.

UPDATED 03/03/13

This is ‘Full Bleed’ A short, sharp cut.

And as if by time slipped magic, here is the video. Pictures by DBoy6.03 and filmed with iMotionHD. Quietly pleased with this one.

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Backwards from Analog


Like maybe a billion other people with iPhones & mobile camera devices I spend a lot of time taking pictures with very clever cameras that will shoot reliably in all kinds of conditions and then go about degrading them with an armoury of apps and filters. It’s a huge industry and I contribute to the coffers buying 69p / $0.99 apps for my iPhone & iPad, I must have 30+ now and will happily try more.


I used to take lots of pictures and after doing ‘A’ level photography I went on to use photo process on my Degree course. My first camera was a Zenith, I then got a Minolta XGM which traveled all over europe and through out the mediterranean. When that fell into disrepair I got a Minolta X-370s. That eventually developed some light leaks and from there I went digital.


Recently I dug the old cameras out and managed to get some out of date 35mm from a friend (thanks to Ian Davis from LPPG). The aim really is to use the analog equipment to take the kind of pictures that create using apps and then use the apps to bring them back to visible.

The first roll of film was a Jessops own brand ISO200 print film. As the XGM wont seem to wind on consistently I used the X-370s camera body with the XGM’s fixed 50mm lens. Its a slightly dirty lens but does great depth of field.


I took the film to be washed today and managed to get Boot’s to dev, print and copy to CD the pictures without doing any processing corrections. The result was a very pink set of images, many under or over exposed and purposefully double exposed by shooting a few frames and then winding the film back. The pictures where shot at Conkers Discovery Centre on a very cold dull grey day. Overall I’m pleased with the result’s. Whilst I have, like the addict I am, edited these in Snapseed, this has been done to reveal the images, rather than to disguise them in hipsta chic (not that I have anything against Hipsta Chic!).


I have another 10 films including some B/W stock, some going back to 1998. Analog work like this, maybe because of the cost, does make you a little cautious about snapping away. I also couldn’t stop my self from taking a picture and then looking at the flat black back of the camera waiting to see the image I just shot. New habits die harder than old ones it seems.



Today I asked a colleague in the ‘day job’ to scan the negatives I have. I have to confess when I first saw the machine prints yesterday I was disappointed, once I saw the digital copies I was encouraged. After I’d finished playing with those I was really quite content. But now, after getting some perfect scans from the originals I’m over joyed. Here are three strips that have everything in them that I hoped the project would produce.

The random application of double exposure.
The natural degradation you get from aged substrate & equipment
The artefacts of analog including strip marks, dust & scratches.

I find something real in these, having a greater physical permanence and naturalness. Any post processing from the scans is minimal. A quick section crop like a scissor snip, and the cursory colour balance for a screen view.

As above. Over joyed.




Open each in full and scan through the surfaces of the picture. These are things I would like to print up at a 1m tall. I take a painterly approach to these things, they are like sketches, pencil on paper. Stand by your line, make it with confidence and it will glow.

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This image collage use three of the brilliant Scarecrows from our Wheelgate Park trip last Saturday. This is put together using PSTouch on iPad and processed using Snapseed.
If there are any death metal bands out there, feel free to use it!

Here’s the daddy of Halloween songs to go with it…..

Screaming Jay was a big inspiration on a lot performers but like many loved and referenced artists didn’t have the most successful career. This is his story…

Happy Halloween Spooks…

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This weekend we have A Night of Festivals in Nottingham. With a number of events across the city including Kanaval at NAE & a Michael Nyman premier at the Nottingham Contemporary if the rain holds off it should be enjoyable and interesting.

Last night so a Carnival Procession through the City. Starting at the Market Square the procession took an hour or more the circuit the city streets with music, dancing and some brilliant costumes. There’s nothing like a mix of Samba, Voodoo and energetic dancing  nd with the light fading I got some pretty decent pictures. Here’s a small selection from the 140 plus. There are a number of Hipstamatic shots (Big Up & Chunky) with the remainder edited in Snapseed and PSTouch on iPad.

This youth group had some great Voodoo style costumes and obviously enjoyed the performance.

The Cow girls had some great moo’vs as well……(sorry, I’m milking that one)

Nottingham doesn’t see this kind thing very often but it has it’s obvious attractions and I hope it’s successful enough to be staged again.

Some of the blurred and more abstract pictures capture the event really well I think.

This is the central motif, and a very Caribbean and impressive sight…

The dancers stuck with it despite grey clouds and strong winds, Nottingham has very few similarities with Rio or Port Au Prince.

This almost last one was shot almost in the dark and has mainly been edited with PSTouch. I’m almost happy with it. Almost.

…and it wouldn’t have happened without the band. “Music is the best”

So until next year here’s a video from ArtReachEvents from the 2010 event. Looking forward to the 2012 edit..

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Santorini 2003

Before I do the main post for this weekend, here are a few edits of some old pictures, scanned from prints, originally taken on my old Minolta on the island of Santorini. I would love to go back there again with all of the new toys.

All edits are done on iPad using combinations of PSTouch, Dynamic Light & Snapseed.


The first one is a evening shot of waves landing on the black volcanic sand of the beach at Perissa.


This battered old boat was on the the island of Thirasira, part of the caldera across front the main island.


The final one is a collage of the view from inside the caldera, looking toward Thirasira, with a contemporary stone monument to the volcano from the main town Fira.


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PS Touch Collage

Today has been a slow day overall. Lots of time with the baby boy, general weekend events, minor shopping etc.
Whilst the boys (boy, only one remains awake) watches The Green Lantern (7/10) I’ve had a play with some pictures I took on HD in the yard and around the house and PS Touch. It costs a little more than iPhoto but they have really got it right. It reminds of when I first got PhotoShop 5.0 back whenever that was. I still really like the pictures I made then because they tended to be quick, simplistic and dramatic…. Like comic book illustrations rather then subtle bits of design.

So here’s this evenings first PS Touch collage, four elements, a dozen effects. I called it Visiting Time.


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