Psycho Bob

This brilliant gif turned up on my favourite music blog recently. No idea of the origin but it will appeal to a certain section of the community.

Hold tight and play Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat very loud.



















I feel inspired and slightly icky…… 10 minutes is way to long.


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2 responses to “Psycho Bob

  1. Wow! Brilliant .GIF animation! I think the retards on b3ta call this sort of thing a, “spack”, but they’re so far up their own arses no one really cares.
    I am from a far more selective section of the community and think it’s great!
    Have you reverse engineered it into its constituent frames? Love colours too. All 256 possible ones.

    • I have a viewer on my ‘puter that shows the gif as frames. It would be relatively easy to replicate with tatty shop. I might have a go at the weekend. It really sinks into your head doesn’t it.

      And is B3TA still going! That’s just retro…

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