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Frank Zappa – The Lost Interviews

I don’t add much to this page because you’ve all got YouTube to kill time. Just sometimes you find something that is timeless and it’s feels good to associate yourself with. The points he makes about music, media, democracy from this point in 1991 are still utterly relevant. The whole point that believing in democracy doesn’t entirely equate to being a Democrat in American. Any way, parts 1 through to 7, compelling interview…..

Section 5 doesn’t have an embedded code so you might need to head the the YT Channel its posted on here

Part seven seems to behave the same as part five. See above.

Not I

This is very much the inspiration for my Iyez video. Crawled its evil way into my head via BBC2 in 1973. Thankfully my Dad encourage watching this kind thing, and Hammer films… Thankfully…

David Bowie – Cracked Actor

It’s March 2013 and there is a buzz going around about Dave. Its been 10 years since he released anything new, but in the space of a couple of months, starting on his 66th birthday, there’s been a beautifully controlled dissemination of new material. DB is one of my favourite artists. Since seeing ‘Starman’ on TOTP in 1972 one one of the proceeding specials I’ve always had an admiration for him.

The BBC made this documentary in 1974 after Ziggy and during his American tour. It probably went quite a way to establishing him as something more than a pop star and was Nic Roegs inspiration for the ‘Man Who Fell to Earth’


I recently posted some Sparklehorse songs on and one of my fellow Jamees’ sent a link to this 50min documentary. Of European origin with subs, it’s very much worth a watch. From the ‘Wonderful Life’ period.. some musings from Mark and snippets of recording and live performances. For me, a much missed musician that I was lucky enough to see play three times. I wish it had been more with more to come.


I was generally unaware of this record label until JTP & Lift to Experience crossed my path. Here’s an interesting documentary about the label which I thought you might like. Always loved those UK Independants like Cherry Red & 4AD.

And this is label boss Simon Raymonde with Liz Fraser. Lovely song which is new to me…



If you need something a little different as a filmic treat, please try this.

The seminal ‘Un Chien Andalou‘ from Lois Bunuel & Salvador Dali. This has influenced a million cartoons & ‘arty’ movies & TV shows over the years. An original work of genius. This version uses a soundtrack by the Floyd, true….


Look, the wind changes, yeah… but, even if my second favourite movie is Citizen Kane, Eureka, Kill Bill or Police Academy 5, number one is always Blade Runner. I must have seen it a dozen times in original and redux.

So there are Twitterings about prequel/sequel makings. Pointless! PKD didn’t write a prequel or sequel so DON’T MAKE ONE.

I did however see a good documentary about the ‘making of’ around Christmas. I think it’s the one that follows split into bit sized YT chunks. The salient point is that Scott filmed a mass of footage and the studio slapped him down so the final movie hit the 90min audience attention span limit. I say take the footage and give us the full story. Is Deckard a replicant? Am I a butterfly dreaming that I’m a middle-aged waster? Who knows but the world needs a 3.5hr version of the original movie.

Watch the documentary. You decide…


Heres something you may or may not have encountered. It’s a few years old and there is a part two which is below. So, two hours of new economics and conspiracy. I’m not 100% convinced but it’s got to be close….

Almost every night I watch the news and some notion or statement from these movies crosses my mind. Get webby and look up the usual suspects.

It’s engaging if nothing else. The movement has a number of websites and resources. Keep eyes and mind open and don’t get overwhelmed.

As with all media & ideology, the truth is a moveable feast.

Here’s the 2008 Addendum…

….and then part three…

Enjoy and then cry a little bit..


You’ll find some You Tube videos here. Be sure to follow the links to see more.

Here’s the first one, well three….. I think I found a total of seven parts to this so a great effort by the source. This was the first year that I went to Glastonbury in 1984. I had never heard of Fela but was getting in reggae and roots around the time.

Fela was the Sunday night headliner and my friends and I had never seen anything like this. It was truly foreign music. I think he played four songs and all went on for 40 minutes a piece. the band was immense and dancers shimmied and shook throughout.

Fela was a true band leader like Miles or Frank. I gather he didn’t have a great regard for the British but the crowd surely loved this. If you follow the thread in You Tube you can see the full set.




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