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Race For Life

Race For Life 2012

Whilst I have your attention, like any good public service information outlet I would like to bring unsolicited advertising into your eye sight.

Mrs A4+ will running the Nottingham Race For Life for the 3rd year. Although I’m sure many of you will have your own family members to sponsor if you did manage to drop a couple of quid into my immensely tolerant wifes hat (she’s tolerant, not her hat…) it would be very appreciated. If you can help her to reach her target I promise to post lots of sweaty pictures for your amusement with a guarantee that I’ll get it huge trouble. It’s a win win.

Besides which, if there is a short fall I’ll probably have to cover it and thats not good…


Race For Life 2012 2

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The English Riviera


As an add on to the day job, last Sunday I skittered down various motorways to Torquay for a monday AM meeting. The weather was quite clement until about 30miles from the coast when it became what I can only describe as mizzely.

I’ve never been to the English Riviera before that I remember, but it turns out it’s rather nice. If you squint tightly it does look a little like Monacco from a certain angle. The pictures I managed to take are decent enough to warrent their own post so here you go.


The following are Hipstamatic pictures, some varying light conditions raging from dull and rainy, early morning misty, sunset shiny to massively over filtered. Enjoy….





Small text break here. I’m really pleased with the last two above. The next one below is a little odd. I spotted this lying on a merge near the big wheel. A dead gull isn’t anything strange by the seaside but the precision of the twig and its almost runic symbolism make this more than passing road kill.



Another odd little seaside aside was the little clutch of original Mods and scooters gathered outside the bay side Harvester…. Enjoy here.




…and this is the final stretch. Some are quite pretty.









This last one is an HDR picture, early morning pre-meeting blue sky moon shooting… Ppppfffttt..,


Can you believe it?! Nearly missed the best one. HDR & Snapseed from a precise moment …..



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This weekend we have A Night of Festivals in Nottingham. With a number of events across the city including Kanaval at NAE & a Michael Nyman premier at the Nottingham Contemporary if the rain holds off it should be enjoyable and interesting.

Last night so a Carnival Procession through the City. Starting at the Market Square the procession took an hour or more the circuit the city streets with music, dancing and some brilliant costumes. There’s nothing like a mix of Samba, Voodoo and energetic dancing ┬ánd with the light fading I got some pretty decent pictures. Here’s a small selection from the 140 plus. There are a number of Hipstamatic shots (Big Up & Chunky) with the remainder edited in Snapseed and PSTouch on iPad.

This youth group had some great Voodoo style costumes and obviously enjoyed the performance.

The Cow girls had some great moo’vs as well……(sorry, I’m milking that one)

Nottingham doesn’t see this kind thing very often but it has it’s obvious attractions and I hope it’s successful enough to be staged again.

Some of the blurred and more abstract pictures capture the event really well I think.

This is the central motif, and a very Caribbean and impressive sight…

The dancers stuck with it despite grey clouds and strong winds, Nottingham has very few similarities with Rio or Port Au Prince.

This almost last one was shot almost in the dark and has mainly been edited with PSTouch. I’m almost happy with it. Almost.

…and it wouldn’t have happened without the band. “Music is the best”

So until next year here’s a video from ArtReachEvents from the 2010 event. Looking forward to the 2012 edit..

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