Max Kandhola – The Aura of Boxing

Another reblog?! Yes. As with the Deller exhibition I’ve been really pleased to play a small part in this. Through ‘the day job’ we printed all of the materials for this show. Max, the photographer is a really nice bloke, very interesting and erudite, and really very skilled. The pictures are all of boxers in a training environment, not your usual sports- combative style. The book that came out with the exhibition has some interesting essays and analysis of the more transcendent aspects of a boxers mind set.

John E. Wright News


We have been pleased to work with Nottingham’s New Art Exchange on a number of occasions in the past including the Realism In Raiwiya exhibition in 2013 and several projects with artist Hetain Patel.

Towards the end of last year we were asked to look at printing solutions for the current exhibition ‘The Aura of Boxing’ by photographer and principle lecturer at Nottingham Trent University, Max Kandhola.


This has led to the production of one of the most extensive creative / photographic projects that we have been involved with.

This from the New Art Exchanges exhibition information;

“The Aura of Boxing encapsulates Max’s ability to research through the act of photography, using his camera as a means to explore and unveil the depths of life. In this collection the explicit representation of the traditional ‘fight’ is avoided; instead Max explores conflicts within the fighter. Kandhola focuses on the ring…

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