He Will Never Find Us


Apostates…. Another song for you. This finished yesterday and almost 100% original content. The main loops and extended sounds are courtesy of my friend Obo (Ken). He provided some midi snatches and mp3 noodles which I’ve hacked, cut / pasted, stretched, phased, echoed and mutilated. Strangely this has ended up as the most structured and almost listenable piece so far.

What is it about I imagine you asking? The vocal for what it is, is a mantra repetition of the title (well almost, it’s actually “He Can Never Find Us”). It references the world in a grain of sand, insignificance, he won’t find us because he’s not looking. Maybe it’s ‘the man’ or the ‘Man’. It doesn’t matter.

So, a happy place song. Relax, you’re just paranoid.

….and….back in the room. Here, better late than never is the video. Due to the ebb and flow of my interest, not in the least what I had in mind. I do however really like the images and think they roll with the theme. The theme being we are in the end dust, stone, memories and deference….and little more. So basically ‘He’ will never find us because we will be small and long gone. Smiley Face!!


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