The Last of Christmas


Probably my longest post by virtue of the photographic format. The larger images are full size so open them in a new window for the full effect.

The Hipstamatic print uses the new Tinotype lens whilst the panoramas are done using Olloclip fisheye and iPhone panorama which probably gives around 400degrees coverage. These are a little cropped and then processed, all with Snapseed.



The final panoramic needs to be seen full screen. At full size they would print around 2M in width.



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2 responses to “The Last of Christmas

  1. I didn’t know there was an iphone panorama setting. Will have to explore that, thanks for making me aware of it with these great photos! I’d like to see more!

    • A4

      Hi Lutz. The Panorama function is on iPhone5 and iPhone4s (I think) with the iOS6 upgrade. It does just about 180 degrees in it self but with the Olloclip Fisheye lens you can do just over 360 degrees and meet yourself coming back. Great fun but needs a steady hand.

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