Nottingham Castle Open 2012


One of the best parts of my day job is being able to get involved in various art projects, exhibitions and events. With the WEYA season coming to a close over the last two weeks I’ve been working with the staff at New Walk Museum in Leicester on the August Sander – Artists Rooms Exhibition and accompanying educational project, and on Saturday evening, the preview of the Annual Nottingham Castle Open.

The Sander show is really engaging, social photography from the mid war period in Weimar Germany. All walks of society painstakingly photographed, right at the beginning of the process. Many of the images on display have been handprinted by Sanders grandson Gerd, who was present at the preview. The exhibition is very much worth a view if you are in the area. New Walk is a great public museum with a big focus on educational engagement at all levels and is a credit to the staff and the City Council.


The Castle Museum, Nottingham is another great venue and I hope that the consultation currently underway, leads down the right path. Nottingham has a huge historical past and whether it’s Robin Hood or Charles the First, a lot could be done to develop an awareness of our cultural heritage.

The Open Exhibition is always enjoyable and I have been nominating prize winners of the (ssshhhh day job) prize for the last 5 or 6 years. This year I chose Lucy Stevens, a print maker from Leicester and Peter Jackson, a photographer from Nottingham. I’m an ex printmaker so have always had an affection for printmaking & Peter’s photograph of the Forest Recreation Ground reminded me of living in the area, being stuck in traffic there and taking the children for walks there. Its was a great mix of social & landscape photography and I hope he benefits from the prize.

It was a very pretty evening light and weather wise so heres a little gallery of images.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the next few weeks I’m helping out at Derby Museum and with more events around the Sander exhibition. All very enjoyable and hopefully worthwhile for all.


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