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The boys persuaded me to take them on their first “TrickleTreat” for Halloween. It was a 30min makeover but they both liked the result and got a decent haul of sweeties which as their agent I pocketed 50% for ‘ron’.



DBoy could definitely get a part as standing for Depp with that look….

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This image collage use three of the brilliant Scarecrows from our Wheelgate Park trip last Saturday. This is put together using PSTouch on iPad and processed using Snapseed.
If there are any death metal bands out there, feel free to use it!

Here’s the daddy of Halloween songs to go with it…..

Screaming Jay was a big inspiration on a lot performers but like many loved and referenced artists didn’t have the most successful career. This is his story…

Happy Halloween Spooks…

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The Galleries of Justice


“The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.”
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Russian novelist (1821 – 1881)

It’s half term! Time to find to some brain food for none schooling children. The Galleries of Justice are one of my customers in the day job. They comprise the old County Court House, city prison and the NCCL educational resource. I’ve walked past there a hundred times, but other than the reception hall this was my first real visit.


All credit to the organisation that they have taken a building with a frightening & horrible history and created a perfectly illustrative environment that educates and scares in equal measure. As its Halloween week, instead of Robin & the Sheriff we had Heggerty Witch and the Sheriff, a role play guided tour of cruelty and punishment through the ages. The actors are excellent and the prison turnkey terrified Dboy5.11.


The museum should really be subtitled the ‘theatre of cruelty’. Our past was an awful place to live, full of torture, disease, neglect and hate. The deportation of huge numbers people to Australia and America was nothing more than social cleansing with the law providing enough crimes to send whoever they wanted. Justice like truth can sometimes be what the powerful want it to be. Some things never change.


Most of the pictures are from the Canon D400 in monochrome using ISO800. The environment is very low light so the post processing in Snapseed has enhanced the contrast a fair amount. Lots of hopefully appropriate vintageness as well.



The web site is here http://www.galleriesofjustice.org.uk/

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Autumn Morning, Woodthorpe Grange

I noticed the bright autumn morning whilst loading the car and with only a 20min window of opportunity I managed to get a small palm full of pictures. The main idea was to try some manual settings on my Canon, poor thing has been on auto for so long it had forgotten what F stops and ISO were all about.


Autumn does produce some fine colour but I was keen to get some B/W with mist and light flares. Only minor edits in Snapseed on these.



The best colour selection came from my phone and Hipstamatic. These use Foxy & Sugar.




Twenty minutes well spent I think. Hope we get some more nice autumn days over the next month. These last two are a little more post processed.




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If I can’t go on, I’m taking it down.


One quick one from Saturday. BabyJ2.06 having been refused entrance to the House of Fun attempting to dissemble the structure with the shaft of an arrow.

This taken with a great app called 645Camera that gives large files and multiple formats and film types.

I love his expression, little boy caught out but trying to style it.

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Goose Fair


Today I took the boys to Goose Fair for a few hours. It’s a huge scary cashpit but they are tolerant and reasonable and seem to enjoy the visual/aural/nasal sensory fest as much as I do. I’ll filter the 100+ shots a little later but this is a highly processed HDR shot from the new phone. #Olloclip can just about be gripped with a thumb and the slight vignetting on wide angle cropped after.

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Whitby Grunge

Now back at home after an enjoyable week with the older boys. Washing still in piles and sand still in the car. So rather than tidying up I’m messing with photographs. Before I finish the Whitby pages here are two quite successful images from our last day. The tide on Saturday morning was very low and we could walk a long way out on the south beach.
The image above is a wide angle shot across the slate flats. We found lots of Ammonite fossils and shell fish in the rock pools and the view was impressive.
Below is a view looking in from the south harbour beach into the town. This one has max grunge applied. The HDR gave a ghost across the roof tops on this. There are more Hipstamatic versions going onto the Whitby page later.



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Steampunk Riverboat

Just a quick one. This is taken just outside our holiday cottage on Church Lane in Whitby. An old steel body boat that has turned up today at the boatyard. Got me humming the River Boat Song from Ocean Colour Scene.


Now head over to the Whitby Road Trip page for some more pictures.


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Tilting at Windmills with Umbrellas



Inspired by a recent image from the always ahead of the curve Rubicorno I got the HDR Pro app. It wasn’t the best of weather days yesterday but with occasional blades of sun in-between the showers I took a reluctant GBoy8.05 to Greens Windmill in Snienton. Whilst he did his best Gene Kelly I had a play with the app. It is more flexible than the HDR in iOS and whilst slow it works well with a steady hand. This was also shot with Olloclip wide angle and has been cropped and framed in Snapseed.


One of the main instructions for HDR Pro is hold the camera still, it takes a second or two to change the exposure so this makes sense. It makes equal sense to exploit this delay. The following are from a quick Sunday afternoon walk in the park. First two are DBoy5.05 chasing himself on this scooter. The last is a rotation on a landscape shot. All are variously edited using Snapseed, Dynamic Light, TiltShift & PhotoToaster.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Below is my first experiment, taken from the bedroom window, my wet shed and overgrown garden, with unkempt damp under growth and musty scented foliage . Sexy…

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This weekend we have A Night of Festivals in Nottingham. With a number of events across the city including Kanaval at NAE & a Michael Nyman premier at the Nottingham Contemporary if the rain holds off it should be enjoyable and interesting.

Last night so a Carnival Procession through the City. Starting at the Market Square the procession took an hour or more the circuit the city streets with music, dancing and some brilliant costumes. There’s nothing like a mix of Samba, Voodoo and energetic dancing  nd with the light fading I got some pretty decent pictures. Here’s a small selection from the 140 plus. There are a number of Hipstamatic shots (Big Up & Chunky) with the remainder edited in Snapseed and PSTouch on iPad.

This youth group had some great Voodoo style costumes and obviously enjoyed the performance.

The Cow girls had some great moo’vs as well……(sorry, I’m milking that one)

Nottingham doesn’t see this kind thing very often but it has it’s obvious attractions and I hope it’s successful enough to be staged again.

Some of the blurred and more abstract pictures capture the event really well I think.

This is the central motif, and a very Caribbean and impressive sight…

The dancers stuck with it despite grey clouds and strong winds, Nottingham has very few similarities with Rio or Port Au Prince.

This almost last one was shot almost in the dark and has mainly been edited with PSTouch. I’m almost happy with it. Almost.

…and it wouldn’t have happened without the band. “Music is the best”

So until next year here’s a video from ArtReachEvents from the 2010 event. Looking forward to the 2012 edit..

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