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Dedicated Follower of Fashion


This post feels like a slight lurching between pride and embarrassment. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and as I’ve trying to create some wardrobe space over the last week or so today seemed like a good time. Going back 20 years I was very non-brand. I had a pronounced aversion to wearing labels and offering anything overtly personality based in my attire. Previously I had chosen brand new -second hand, ex-army or more often than not…. black. I don’t know what switch was flipped but one day I bought a t-shirt from a gig and all of sudden I’m here. When I counted them today there were nearly 40. Theres a good chance one or two are being washed, plus a few older ones squirrelled away around and about. Terrible…

Amongst these jewels are a few Last Exit from Nowhere specials, a couple of Boss specials, some Marvel acknowledgements, two recent self made designs and lots of great gig memories.

The oldest is easily the No More Censorship / Dead Kennedys edition, the most recent the Pixies Ltd Edition.

I really should curtail this extravagance but it’s not likely. And no, I didn’t iron any of them first. There’s something self proclaiming about wearing message ‘t’s’. “Hey, look what I’ve seen”, “I’m into this so yeah!”. It’s a bit like street blogging.

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