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Sea Song and other fictions….the album.

Sea Song Project

I can now report that my third musical venture has landed. ‘Sea Song and other fictions’ is available to buy and download from my Band Camp page. You can find it here.


I have written an epilog / postmortem /sleeve note for the project which has its own page here . I hope this goes some small way to explain the project.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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The Lost Children of Dol Tor

Crop01-Dol Tor

The keen eyed will notice that this is my second reference to Dol Tor. I had been messing with Korg Gadet noises and DMX1 drum tracks around the same time that I took the road trip a couple of weeks ago. It made sense to connect them.

Crop02-Dol Tor

Within the song notion was an intention to use the flowing drone and tidal wave of Korg Gadget noise and a fast, almost drum’n’bass rhythm element. This came through with some degree of satisfaction fairly easily. The trip to Dol Tor bought to mind the connection between that ancient landscape appreciation of environment, natural space, transient sky and a tribal community spirit of absorption in the previous, joined with a not insignificant degree of hedonism and party spirit.

I’ve tried to blur the disparity of the two main sound elements in the track using some additional rhythmic elements and three pieces of guitar noise made with Ebow, one of which is reversed and echoed. It’s very much like drawing with two media – say charcoal & watercolour – and then using your thumb to soften the edges. In relation to some of the previous sound projects I’ve made it’s fairly sparse in tracks.

Crop03-Dol Tor
The final element which is only subtly present is a piece of ‘field recording’.
Recently Cousin Silas questioned the use of field recording or more accurately the definition of this. In many cases it might be a texture, a sonic layer with direct and illustrative reference, waves, thunder, rain, chattering voices. I would say there is a difference between a sound effect whether self sourced or researched, and a piece of content used for its particular connection to the piece. In this piece some where in the first and third minute there is a slight fluttering sound. Whilst it runs through the whole track it’s only barely noticeable but, it being the sound of the wind in leaves at the time the video was made – in that time and place – I hope it ties the audio to the theme, a voodoo hair in the hand of the shaman.

The video elements are made on iPhone using the iSupa8 app in HD. I’ve used all but two pieces of film and worked them chronologically. It’s come out as a kind of archeological scrapping of the site or a forensic investigation of events – a Will Graham mind palace of association – looking for clues and getting into the consciousness of the previous inhabitants.


The most recent users of the site most likely had a similar respect for the environment and expressed a connection to the architect ancestors. They have left small tokens and signs of their activity including crystals, Ojibwe, ribbons and the evidence of fire.

The pictures that accompany this are multi-exposed analog 120 film shots from a Holga camera. Using the constraint of the film I tried to form four specific sequences, joined by over exposure. I enjoy the high level of chance in this process and have yet to be disappointed by the out come.



Given a greater freedom of time to construct these pieces I might be more focused on the amount of content and material I create and more selective in the elements that I use. Every element is a roll of the dice and thus far I have been lucky with the numbers facing up.

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Ocular Cents (The Ghost Of The Horse Orbits Altair 4)


Another piece of music reached some sort of conclusion yesterday. It’s very much a mashing up of two distinct intents. In the first instance I had been playing with the chords from Eyepennies, one of my favourite Sparklehorse songs, the other being some play time with the new Korg Gadget app on iPad.

Korg Gadget has 15 retro style synthesizers and drum machines and the ability to record loops, multitrack, and scene sequences. It can be power hungry and I have found a limit to the capability on my V2 iPad of 3 simultaneous gadgets.

Crashing guitars are made with iRig and Amplitube

Thrown in over these two elements is the Theremin recently launched by Femur Design. That was the catalyst to head into space. The Theremin was  a huge influence on soundtracks for 50s/60s/70s sci-fi movie and TV soundtracks and bought to mind one of my favourite movies from that period, The Forbidden Planet, which is referenced in the title and theme of this song. The Theremin is played ‘live’ through Amplitube. In the absence of Ableton Live this is all assembled in Garageband.

So here it is in its full 7 minute journey into the deep space twinkly droneiness.

Im quite keen to produce a video for this but I’m currently a little uncertain how to collect original source material with out warp capability. Might call Jade Rabbit for a collaboration.

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