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Winterval Interlude

Fairground 01

Welcome to 2014 on one of the least overrated blogs on the inter web. This is my year for art, music, activism and unfulfilled promise. I will be regularly missing self imposed deadlines, relying on the the tolerance and disbelief of my audience and increasing my already embarrassing typo count by homophoning it in with scant regard for linguistic convention and spell check. Your patience is appreciated.

First up this year is a little sound scape that made it through the distractions of seasonal celebration. It will probably go with the ‘Sea Song and Other Fictions’ project although i’m still undecided in which direction to take this. I have an urge to be a little more punk in approach but I might need to hit on Amazon Local for some cheap studio time in which to do some shouting.

‘Winterval Interlude’ uses sounds and images from Ye Olde Market Square in Nottingham. They have an event called Winter Wonderland and I have to confess that I do….wonder… But the kids quite like it and you can never have enough German Markets and Ostrich Burger (or is the Austrich Burghers?).

Here is the video. It uses iSuper8 spliced up in iMovie with lots of filtering. Although its a little overused I really like the ripple drop  transition between shots. There are a few shots of Nottingham’s Victoria Centre in there as well although I’ve tried to avoid anything specifically ‘Christmassy’, aiming more for the Winter Holiday event itself.

If however you are a committed audiophile and more interested in the sonic qualities in the music, please enjoy the following link from Soundcloud.

Now, I recently read a piece on LinkedIn about how the British are often unnecessarily self deprecating when promoting their skills and creative endeavours. Currently I am free from the need to promote my ‘content’ in order to generate income or credibility. I enjoy my spare moments of creativity and don’t try to intellectualise the materials I release into the world. That isn’t to say that I don’t put a good deal of thought into them and try to produce a sequence of ideas that feed on their siblings.  Out of this sequence the thing I am most content with is the following image.

This is piece of pure app lead iPhonography, using three separate images a stew of 6 editing apps. At full resolution it would be half a meter square.

Winter Drops

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The Christmas Market, Nottingham


As a distraction from shopping which I don’t enjoy, I took my camera into town to see the Christmas Market. Taking pictures I do enjoy.
Like many UK towns we have German Market selling a variety of non specific and not necessarily German goods and foods. From Ostrtich Burgers to Chilli Fudge via Pashminas and Balsawood ducks.

I like the top image a lot. Looks like Santa is crying. Taken with the new zoom, this is quite a large model (about 8′) and taken from several feet away. The next one below I like for the symmetry of the Toy Soldier and the stall keeper. The fudge stall picture might have benefited from colour but I like the structure of the little fudge mountains.

The final shot could I suppose be any time of year. The water feature on slab square with some artistic depth of field and water motion capture.

I hope you like them.

Happy Holidays to everyone who stops by and takes  a look. I’m very encouraged by the increasing number of visitors I get here. As the final picture says, “its for your enjoyment”






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