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Konstruktor Camera


It was my Birthday a little before Christmas and one of the presents I was lucky enough to receive (from my more than forgiving wife) was something I’d seen in Rough Trade Records a few weeks earlier. The Konstruktor Camera comes flat packed like an Airfix kit, together with some incredibly tiny screws, springs and a few decorative stickers.

Constructor Kit

The indicator on the boxes says ‘build your own camera in between 1-2 hours’. Lol! Well, it didn’t take that much longer and the biggest disadvantage that got me was failing eye sight and the really really tint screws. I eventually managed to assemble it and it seems to function as it was intended, just. So far I’ve only managed to put one roll of film through it, a out of date 200 Fuji film.
The results aren’t out standing and I lost at least a third of the roll not realising it was working.

Still in the spirit of sharing progress, below are some of the results. A few are from Stonehenge and the others are from Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire, both English Heritage sites. The little beast now has an old roll of B/W Ilford film waiting for a day trip.

The negatives were developed by Photo Parlour in Nottingham who have done all of the recent 120 film I’ve used. Also, if you are interested in this type of thing, I recently bought some out of date 120 film from an Ebay reseller called Kitschretro. They have a wide variety of film to fit most budgets and offer grouped delivery.

Crop08 Stonehenge





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App Mash Up

Inspired by a gent called Rubicorno I’m going to try some app mash up images. This first one use two Hipstamatic shots, Image Blender, Dynamic Light and Pic Grunge. There are an infinite number of combinations so it’s endless fun.







Update. 15/02/12

Here’s another mash up. An old beeswax mask maquette that sadly never got cast as a bronze, and a galaxy far far away. It makes me want to hum the Star Trek theme.


Heres another, lets call this ‘Light Lady bows to the crowd before devouring a passing child (after Lou Reed)’. This is a Hipsta print from light night with Dynamic Light & Modern Grunge.

And yet another. This is ‘The Worm Haunting of Basket Ball Court B (Sunnydale)’ Peel you reference out of that. This is Hipsta, Modern Grunge, King Camera.

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