How sustainable is it to keep reproducing art prints, and at what point is exclusivity lost?

I saw this earlier on the blog of one of my favourite independent fine art galleries in Nottingham. I was going to leave a comment but I ran out of mental note pads so will post a separate response in a little while. I very much agree with many of Georges points here and I’m mainly sparked by the references to two of my favourite artists. Have a read ……



Prints have always been a useful tool in the art world and are beneficial to both consumer and artists. They act as a perfect bridge between the realm of high art where originals can fetch exorbitant prices and the general public who also want access to great art in their homes. Of course like those buying originals, people who buy prints also do so for the investment potential. This works very well when prints are limited and only a small number of editions are made. What happens though if these prints are extended or re-released? At what point does the art market become saturated as a result of excess prints and what happens to their value?

It was recently announced that Castle Galleries would be releasing a new set of prints for this year’s round of Bob ‘Dylan’s Blank Series 2013’. A series that has been slightly re-branded and added…

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