Secret Tunnel….Shhhhhh….

Last week I found a photograph on the Company Facebook page from a local history group which I found really interesting. Nottingham trades a little on the name ‘City of Caves‘. With a largely sandstone substrate the residents of the city have a long tradition of tunnelling and there are many throughout the City, underneath the castle, various pubs, council buildings, shopping centres and on and on. I’ve been down quite a few of these but had new come across this before.


This absolutely massive tunnel runs from Derby Road through into the residential area know as The Park. The access is through what looks like a car park entrance but as you go down the stone steps it open out into a huge two section tunnel. You could comfortably drive a double decker bus through.

I’ll try to find some history. Quite an astonishing thing to find just behind one of the more neglected main roads into the city.

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