Christmas & New Year Greetings from A4


It’s Boxing Day and we are in that brief holding pattern between one holiday and another. All those decisions, delay the diet, lie low, hit the sales, have a dry day… I can’t be bothered.

My best present was an Olloclip for my iPhone5. I had one for the 4 and missed using one. Lots of thanks to @F1FanWMM for picking up the significant hints, xxxx. My other best gift was the sparkle in the boys eyes over their presents. They are (as I’m sure every parent thinks) wonderful little blokes and showed them selves to be grateful for the things they received.


We have over Christmas Day and Boxing Day done our family visits, both north & south, and whilst I don’t enjoy motorway driving in the rain & dark I did get to listen again to two hours of Theme Time Radio Hour, episode 34 (1&2) from series one, the Christmas show while the family snoozed and played games in the car. TTRH series 1 to 3 would be my Desert Island choice. A bit of a cheat I know as its a little over 100hrs in total but it hangs together as a single piece that covers the entire history of 20th Century music. I have listened to it in its entirety three times, really…. This show includes Bob reading ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas’ which every home should have.

If you don’t know Theme Time Radio Hour, Google WhiteManStew and find yourself some more. It is probably the best thing to ever hit public radio.

You can listen to the Christmas shows here for a limited period only…

Happy Holidays. A4

Click on the arrows to play.

Episode One

Episode Two

The crystal images are quite small plastic Christmas  lights in my sister-in-laws house shot in Hipstamatic with Olloclip Macro and then added Lens Flare. The eye belongs to Gboy and has added Glaze & Lens Flare. I am quietly pleased by the appearance of Bokeh in the crystal pictures. Must try harder for more.


If you like the TTRH Shows they are here.

This is Part One & this is Part Two.

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