The Christmas Market, Nottingham


As a distraction from shopping which I don’t enjoy, I took my camera into town to see the Christmas Market. Taking pictures I do enjoy.
Like many UK towns we have German Market selling a variety of non specific and not necessarily German goods and foods. From Ostrtich Burgers to Chilli Fudge via Pashminas and Balsawood ducks.

I like the top image a lot. Looks like Santa is crying. Taken with the new zoom, this is quite a large model (about 8′) and taken from several feet away. The next one below I like for the symmetry of the Toy Soldier and the stall keeper. The fudge stall picture might have benefited from colour but I like the structure of the little fudge mountains.

The final shot could I suppose be any time of year. The water feature on slab square with some artistic depth of field and water motion capture.

I hope you like them.

Happy Holidays to everyone who stops by and takes  a look. I’m very encouraged by the increasing number of visitors I get here. As the final picture says, “its for your enjoyment”






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2 responses to “The Christmas Market, Nottingham

  1. lukerhine

    Good stuff, Adrian. As usual. Santa is great.

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