Castle Marina


This afternoon I took DBoy5.11 to a party so ended up with 2hrs to kill before I had to collect him. As I needed to get some shopping in, I ended up at Sainsbury which is near Castle Marina and the canal. It was a cold, bright afternoon so quite good light for a few pictures.

I took colour and B/W but the latter worked better. Many of the barges have wood burning stoves so as well as an incendiary air there’s lots of smokiness.

I also got to try my new Tamron 70-300 lens. Very pleased with this purchase! I feel some social snooping coming on!




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2 responses to “Castle Marina

  1. I live 2 minutes walk from here, is lovely wander to town. Really like the 2nd image – great timing to get him exhaling. I have only got a 18-55mm lens currently and was thinking of getting a longer zoom, what focal length were you on for that image?

    • A4

      Hi Matt. Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure of the focal length but its taken from about two thirds of the way back to the bridge. I like the way the smoke coming out of the guy echoes the smoke from the barges.
      Loving the lens though, not a huge investment but its a big difference.

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