The Galleries of Justice


“The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.”
Fyodor Dostoevsky
Russian novelist (1821 – 1881)

It’s half term! Time to find to some brain food for none schooling children. The Galleries of Justice are one of my customers in the day job. They comprise the old County Court House, city prison and the NCCL educational resource. I’ve walked past there a hundred times, but other than the reception hall this was my first real visit.


All credit to the organisation that they have taken a building with a frightening & horrible history and created a perfectly illustrative environment that educates and scares in equal measure. As its Halloween week, instead of Robin & the Sheriff we had Heggerty Witch and the Sheriff, a role play guided tour of cruelty and punishment through the ages. The actors are excellent and the prison turnkey terrified Dboy5.11.


The museum should really be subtitled the ‘theatre of cruelty’. Our past was an awful place to live, full of torture, disease, neglect and hate. The deportation of huge numbers people to Australia and America was nothing more than social cleansing with the law providing enough crimes to send whoever they wanted. Justice like truth can sometimes be what the powerful want it to be. Some things never change.


Most of the pictures are from the Canon D400 in monochrome using ISO800. The environment is very low light so the post processing in Snapseed has enhanced the contrast a fair amount. Lots of hopefully appropriate vintageness as well.



The web site is here

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