Autumn Morning, Woodthorpe Grange

I noticed the bright autumn morning whilst loading the car and with only a 20min window of opportunity I managed to get a small palm full of pictures. The main idea was to try some manual settings on my Canon, poor thing has been on auto for so long it had forgotten what F stops and ISO were all about.


Autumn does produce some fine colour but I was keen to get some B/W with mist and light flares. Only minor edits in Snapseed on these.



The best colour selection came from my phone and Hipstamatic. These use Foxy & Sugar.




Twenty minutes well spent I think. Hope we get some more nice autumn days over the next month. These last two are a little more post processed.




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2 responses to “Autumn Morning, Woodthorpe Grange

  1. lukerhine

    Amazing photos, Adrian. You, who often love superbright colors, have done really extraordinary work with these three black and white shots of the trees in mist.


    • A4

      Hi George! Thank you. I used to love B/W printing in the dark room in the analogue days. Recently had a desire to do more so I’m pleased you like these. I hope you’re well and things are happening over there. A

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