My Goose Fair Gallery


Last weekend was the Goose Fair in Nottingham. A 700+ year old tradition of the all the small travelling fairs coming together in an huge end of season blast of fun, fayre, sugar & insane opportunism. The suspension of disbelief required to get a buzz from ‘hook-a-duck’, hoop the bottle, steeple chase and all the other fair bet games is a little beyond me but it looks great, smells wonderfully of fried onions & burnt sugar, and is a prime candidate for a photo op’. I’ve posted a couple of shots before but here are some feature images as well as a gallery of Hipstamatic shots.


I took the boys on Saturday afternoon and also had a less distracted walk around on Sunday afternoon. I don’t feel guilty for missing a night shoot, it will be back next year. We had some variable weather but on Sunday there was some bright low sun which helped a lot.

Here’s the gallery.

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My main criteria were to try out iPhone5, test a few new apps & try to use Olloclip on the new phone. iPhone5 is a great camera, quick refresh & responsive, better res than iPhone4 and many of my faves have released upgrades for the machine. The new Hipstamatic double exposure and new lens/flim combo are fun, I discovered 645Pro (which is great for B/W) and exploited the phones processing power on ProHDR. I’m really pleased with the results of this first field test. Olloclip is just about usable on Hipstamatic (if you have a steady thumb to hold it in place) with its square back format. Not so great on full camera mode as you get a ghosting on on edge. In some case you could crop but its not ideal. Such a shame that it will cost another £50/60 to replace this.

Overall my reason to upgrade from iPhone4 to iPhone5 was A: Apple fanboy obsessive B: an even better creative tool that iPhone4which I use every day. I’m pleased I did even if it makes me a slave to the Mac Daddy.




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  1. lucyintheskyx

    I love these photos =]

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