This is a quick one. Today in the car I listened to ‘The Minneapolis Party Tape’ & ‘Tempest’ Bookends to a 51 year career by the greatest song & dance act on the circuit. Those big friendly arms at Sony make it difficult to share freely available content but (hopefully) here are two bits of content that illustrate a huge journey navigated by wilful intent and muse chasing far beyond that attempted by even the most dedicated circus act.


This is from 1964. At the time of this recording I was a pre-mewling infant awaiting my birth…



This is from earlier in the year. Americas great * hope President in the presence of greaterness. You can see Bob feigning humble, but you have to look close.



This from the same gig…



The new album ‘Tempest’ is an amazing & lyrical record that spans subjects and soundtracks them back into the primary beats of America. I’ll need another dozen listens to assimilate the stories in the songs. Bob is anything but ‘content lite’.

…and anyone who suggests his voice is gone should listen harder. Modulated poptones it ain’t. The voice of a dozen generations it is.

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