Whitby Grunge

Now back at home after an enjoyable week with the older boys. Washing still in piles and sand still in the car. So rather than tidying up I’m messing with photographs. Before I finish the Whitby pages here are two quite successful images from our last day. The tide on Saturday morning was very low and we could walk a long way out on the south beach.
The image above is a wide angle shot across the slate flats. We found lots of Ammonite fossils and shell fish in the rock pools and the view was impressive.
Below is a view looking in from the south harbour beach into the town. This one has max grunge applied. The HDR gave a ghost across the roof tops on this. There are more Hipstamatic versions going onto the Whitby page later.



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2 responses to “Whitby Grunge

  1. Mark

    These are fab. What is grunge? Especially like top one which is either my birthday cake with 21 candles or the bung where the let the sea out if it gets too full?

  2. A4

    🙂 Grunge is the app Modern Grunge which gives the scratchy surface and dark vignette onto harbour picture. The top image is mainly snapseed and yes the thing is inscribed ‘oceanic butt plug – do not remove’. Weird.

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