Little Visitor


Don’t you just hate it when you get with a plan for the day, working to a schedule, on a mission etc … Then it all falls over because you find a really pretty huge (for the UK) spider hiding in the sink, eating crumbs and preening himself for a photo session.

So, plans out the window, an hour later I’m still messing with Olloclip macro and Snapseed and encouraging the boys to give him a name and persuade @f1fanwmm to let us keep him.

Never mind, there’s always next Saturday.




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2 responses to “Little Visitor

  1. I don’t know if I could have the willingness to get this close to a spider…at least one of this size! These are great shots and even more impressive considering your subject!!! I am simultaneously freaked out and impressed 😉

  2. A4

    Thanks for the comment Auroranibori. I’m trying to show my boys not to be scared of spiders and similar things, lizards, moths, policemen etc. I think seeing the amazing detail of little chaps like this really helps.

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