Buke & Matt’s Wedding

Yesterday my sister-in-law Buke married her fiancé Matt in Luton. It was a small affair with barely 300 friends & family! Buke looked like a Princess, Matt looked remarkably calm and the whole day was filled with smiles, singing, dancing, colour, children and many many wonderful words full of good wishes and love.

There was an international guest list and both the Church and the hotel did an excellent job of keeping the days events running to schedule.

Speaking to the photographer at the end they took over a thousand images through the day. I only managed 328 before my phone battery died.

Here’s a selection. Apologies that my exceptionally attractive wife and occasionally cute children are strongly featured.

Congratulation to Mr & Mrs Chandler. Very best wishes for the future.


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10 responses to “Buke & Matt’s Wedding

  1. These are beautiful photo’s, Buke looks like a princess and it was such an amazing day, beautiful, emotional and fun all rolled into one! Such an honour to be a part of it. Clare 🙂

  2. Jite

    Thank you Uncle Adrian, we love the photos. It was indeed a lovely day. Love Toritse, Alero, & Grace.xxx

  3. annie

    wow, fab photos and it was a pleasure meeting you. annie from guernsey

  4. Mrs Buke Chandler :-)

    Thanks Adrian – fab photos as usual! It truly was a great day and married life so sooooooo goooood – we’re loving it! See you all soon xx

  5. A4

    Thank you for the kind comments on the photo’s. They are only as good as their subjects. Really pleased to see so many people stop by for a look. Buke, give me a month, but I have an idea so you can hang onto a few more of them.

  6. Annie A.

    Thank you Adrian for these beautiful shots… Buke, I didn’t think you could be even more beautiful but you were more gorgeous than all the princesses put together 😉

    Congratulations again Mr and Mrs Chandler, I wish all the happiness in the world!!

    Annie from Cambridge

  7. Ayo Akeju

    Wow! Mr& Mrs. Chandler mmmhh! U look radiant mon amiee (Annie check spelling). And it was such an excellent day, We neva noticed the downpour and loved Matt’s reference to it. Beautiful ppl.
    Ayo and the boys from Dartford

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