Beginning to see the Light

Number One: Don’t go out on a School Night

Number Two: Plan ahead and don’t spend most of the day in the car clocking up a few hundred miles whilst having a house party for 13 kids and an equal number of adults

Number Three: Don’t trust the weather to fit in with your plans

So after a long hot day I wasn’t desperately keen to go out but it all turned out well.

Peter Hook & the Light are currently touring Unknown Pleasures the first Joy Division album. After his divorce from Barny Albrect-Sumner he has taken Revenge on the road but having seen the Light I can understand his desire to tour the JD back catalogue.

It has undoubtedly moved on but they are such a great bunch of songs and the band have really cracked the sound with sharp metallic electric guitars, the drum beat of Stephen Morris and even the studio effects that Martin Hannett added to the albums.

Hooky obviously enjoys himself and whilst he is known for his low slung bass playing he now commendably fronts the vocals as well. He has almost the same baritone as the late Ian Curtis but with a little more guttural growl. He also employs a stunt bassist who I think he said was his son, presumably Jack Hook. He did a great job of filling the old boots and when they both played they worked really well together.

They played not only the whole of Unknown Pleasures but earlier Warsaw songs, Ceremony, Isolation (which was excellent) and the big finishers Transmission & Love Will Tear Us Apart.

It was heartening to see younger twenty somethings getting mashed by 50somethings at the front of the stage, rucking & slamming, fists punching the air, elbows cracking ribs, just like the old days.

I stayed on the balcony, no fool me. I’ve been punched in the mosh pit before thanks.

Having more t-shirts than I can wear when I hit the merch desk I managed to get the last signed copy (narrowly body swerving a couple trying to decide whether to buy it now or later, ha!) of Hooky’s book ‘Hacienda: How not to run a Club’ (printed on something similar to paper??!)and an EP ‘1102 2011’ with ‘Atmosphere’ ‘New Dawn Fades’ & ‘Insight’ featuring Rowetta from the Happy Mondays & ‘X-factor’.

In some ways the gig could come over as a very good covers band set and perhaps there isn’t quite the depth or emotional range that as an old JD fan I attach to the music. But they played it with such commitment and the audience responded so positively that it was a really enjoyable event. Hook has contributed a unique sound to some really great records over a 30+ year career and if these shows keep the music of Joy Division out there then it’s a good thing.

I picked up a leaflet for a further show in Manchester where they are playing all of ‘Still’ which should be a good show.

He’s got the spirit and he certainly hasn’t lost the feeling.

I am now going to watch 24 Hour Party People

This is from the EP – Atmosphere featuring Rowena – It’s really quite good.

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