Santorini 2003

Before I do the main post for this weekend, here are a few edits of some old pictures, scanned from prints, originally taken on my old Minolta on the island of Santorini. I would love to go back there again with all of the new toys.

All edits are done on iPad using combinations of PSTouch, Dynamic Light & Snapseed.


The first one is a evening shot of waves landing on the black volcanic sand of the beach at Perissa.


This battered old boat was on the the island of Thirasira, part of the caldera across front the main island.


The final one is a collage of the view from inside the caldera, looking toward Thirasira, with a contemporary stone monument to the volcano from the main town Fira.


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2 responses to “Santorini 2003

  1. These pictures are brilliant! Never seen anything like them.

  2. A4

    Thats very kind. Thank You! I have several more I’m playing with which i’ll post eventually.

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