Trent Bridge, Nottingham

I was really impressed this week when the Synthetic Corp released the Dylan Film & Adler 9009 lens. It could have been wildly unstylish loons (pants) but with Uncle Bobs name on it, it was going on my faves list.

On way way home during the week the sun was thinking about setting over the River Trent so I parked up and took a few snaps.

The Dylan / Adler combo does do random light leak a lot but when it works it looks warm and bright in daylight.

The following selection are shot from the riverside, the river in main view, Nottingham Forest football ground on the left & Trent Bridge cricket ground on the left (just, of you really squint).

Apparently we are quite privileged to have such great sporting institutions in our little city.

The first image is post processed with Dynamic Light, Snap Seed & Tilt Shift.






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