Log Log Log…… Lumber Town (Bestwood)

On Saturday I took the boys on yomp through Bestwood Country Park, just outside Nottingham. We went with the Sensei’ from the Dojo that G & D attend for Aikido. It was a long enjoyable walk and although the weather was pretty good the light was a bit flat, particularly under the trees.

Still, I managed to get a few pictures that worked. The woods reminded me a little of Twin Peaks, lots of tracks, lots of pines.

These are mainly post processed using various apps including Snapseed, Blender, King Camera, Dynamic Light and TiltShift.









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2 responses to “Log Log Log…… Lumber Town (Bestwood)

  1. Mark

    Pretty good said the Woodland Nymph although it’s hard to beat John S on Kodot X Grizzled for woodland shots I find.
    The last shot made me jump a bit. Is that the ghost of Michael Gove haunting us after Sensei has driven him into the shadowlands for the overpayed, unintelligent and dishonest?
    Think I’ll be moving on from woodlands to primeval glaciated valleys and exposed rock strata a la monkeys at beginning of 2001 A Space Oddesey when the weather brightens up enough to photograph it without the fog in the way.

  2. A4

    Thank you for your kindness BB. I am also looking forward to some sculpting spring time light in the near future. The digital toys are endless but theres nothing to beat plein air….

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