Into the Dark Heart of Retail

Actually it’s not that dark. I mentioned earlier that for various reasons I ended up in the service tunnels of a big retail centre. Its kind what you expect, a bit grungy, very concrete and geographically disorientating.

I went down a working coal mine once. I wish I’d had my camera with me then. There’s always an opp.

I only took a handful of pics, nothing special, but I am quite pleased by the post processing. The following use HDR, Snapseed, TiltShiftFocus, Percolator, King Camera, Dynamic Light & Blender.

There are a few variations on two themes.


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One response to “Into the Dark Heart of Retail

  1. Mark

    Didn’t realise what these were at first. Actually rather wonderful abstracts from underground car park photos. Have to say, Well Done! These are great!

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