After Us

Furthering my recent delve into the attic of ancient artwork, I found this little oddity. This is from 1992 and is a response to Peter Gabriel’s ‘US’ album. I have been a PG fanboy from Solsbury Hill and back to Genesis ‘I Know What I Like’. I loved his lyrics and particularly when his fourth solo album came out I built strange & complicated mythologies for the songs in my head.
I have detailed in a previous post how affecting his live show for ‘SO’ was. When the ‘US’ album was due I remember setting an alarm to catch the first play of ‘Digging in the Dirt’ on the radio.
The ‘US’ album is an emotional affair which appealed to me at the time on any number of empathetic levels.

I made this set of illustrations using various drawn, collaged, photocopied & hand tinted techniques. This includes Nescafe, my tint of choice at the time which is not as fugituve as you might imagine!

In retrospect it is a little obvious and narrative, but I still quite like it as mark of its time. There are some drawn elements that work well, but its probably best seen with a knowledge of the album. I particularly like the folio case made for the set, and the only signs of aging seem to be the ones I built in.

Here’s the original video for ‘Digging in the Dirt’. It’s reminded me that a re-look at ‘Zed and Two Noughts’ might be in order.

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