Barcelona Prints

As I may have mentioned before my education was a creative one at Winchester School of Art.

WSA was one of the last of the traditional art schools before they were absorbed by consortia and other regional Universities.

It was an excellent institution with passionate staff who tolerated the purposely strange behaviour of the majority of students.

If I’m feeling brave and as long as no super injunctions exist I’ll spill some beans, but for now here’s a little something that I found in the loft whilst looking for something else.

The scrolling image above comes from a series of etching. The images were drawn in situ using a little sketch book made of zinc plate with a soft bitumen ground. This allows you to draw on a paper cover, lifting the lines in the ground so that when the plate is dropped in the acid bath you get a reproduction of your sketch. I recall I was stopped at customs on way and watched while a fat thumbed customs office struggled to understand the item.

Once back at the studio the plates are etched and were then printed on some paper bought from an art shop in Madrid. A nice little memento I think.

I have several more of these image sequences including some illustrations for the Peter Gabriel album ‘US’ and a rather pornographic set that took about three months to make and are an homage to Eric Gill & Franz Mazereel. As I can’t decide which to do first I might let the dice decide.

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