Nottingham Castle

The gif animation above covers 20 images taken last weekend at Nottingham Castle & Museum.

I’ve lived in this part of the world for about 20 years now, longer than I have lived anywhere. I diss’ it quite a lot but as I haven’t moved on it must be ok. They say you can travel a 1000 miles and you never escape yourself, so why collect AirMiles? ‘They’ are however idiots.

The Castle Museum & Art Gallery are currently hosting ‘Street Art – Contemporary Prints from the V&A’. I’m big fan of traditional printmaking (it was my Degree study after all) and it’s encouraging to see such a vibrant art form making good use of this almost analog art form. I love it that the artists wear such fun pen names. We have on show SickBoy, Sweet Toof, D*Face, Dscreet, Pure Evil, Pablo Picachu, Blek Le Rat, Nomad, Deadbeat Donny and of course the ubiquitous Banksy. I think I need to get myself one of those.

The exhibition is well curated and the images hang together really well. Mixed shows are sometimes a difficult and discordant thing but that isn’t the case here. Also featured is local artist done good Jon Burgerman. He’s worth a Twitter follow @jonburgerman. Nottingham has a fairly lengthy tradition of good quality street art. There are several off site shows that accompany the main show including a ‘Dilk’ retrospective and open submission ‘Salon de Refusés’ at the Surface Gallery.

I can highly recommend the show to anyone with an interest in contemporary art.

The Castle has many other things to recommend it, including the permanent collection, the local history exhibition, some great models, kids activities, Robin Hood stuff, the death mask of Oliver Cromwell and some amazing views across the city and beyond. Here is a panorama shoot from the Castle Wall looking out towards the River Trent. Click on the image and you should get a full size view.

So, there’s my little bit of local promotion. So……. Visit Nottingham. It’s not as bad as it sounds! I wonder if I could sell that to the City Council?


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2 responses to “Nottingham Castle

  1. Mark

    Yo, Acey Enfore, (?)
    I can’t get over the damn lie that Nottingham has a castle. It doesn’t. A castle is defined as a fortified dwelling which it patently isn’t.
    Also I am still irked by all this Home of Robin Hood nonsense. Robin Of Loxley was from Sheffield. It was the bad guy, The Sherriff Of Nottingham who lived here.
    However, I shall try and get down and see the exhibition.
    /Grumpy Old Man.

  2. I share some of your concerns. However, it’s irrelevent where Robin came from because ….ssshhhhhh….he’s a work of fiction…. don’t tell the kids or film industry..

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