David Bowie

It was Bob Dylan’s birthday last Tuesday (bear with me
here…). Whilst I love Bob the options on posting a Bob show are infinite. As
the most bootlegged artist ever, and as he has been touring since the Old Testament
was written, there are literally thousands of shows, demo’s, outtakes, radio
shows & chitter chatter I wouldn’t know where to start. Also, the lovely
people at Sony are somewhat protective of their clients material. It’s difficult
to even share a video on Facebook without a ‘view on You Tube only’ message.

So, on Tuesday there was a mass of comment on the www and
also Twitter. One of the guys I follow on TW spent the entire 24hrs posting
links to Bob related content including lots of great covers. The one that
really got me was the following.

This is the equally enigmatic David Bowie covering one of
Dylan’s more recent masterpieces, the wonderful ‘Trying to Get to Heaven’. This
is an outtake from the ‘Hours’ album. All I can find about it is that a South
American radio show leaked it. It’s a great quality audio with some collaged
stills from the period.

I really hope we get to hear some new material from Bowie one day soon. He’s a one in a million artist and I’ve pretty much run out of stuff to buy.

I have only seen Bowie once. It was some while ago when the ‘Earthling’
album came out. The upside was that it was at Rock City in Nottingham and I
managed to stand about 10 foot from the front & centre. I really liked the
album and as he’s a crowd pleaser he did loads of old material as well. His
band included Gail Anne Dorsey, Mick Garson & Reeves Gabriel, all of whom
are on the following show.

This is an absolutely epic show from Madison Square Gardens
in 1997 titled ‘50 Dead Dogs’. It was Bowie’s 5oth birthday and as well as
covering new material he has guests including Robert Smith from the Cure, Frank
Black from the Pixies, Sonic Youth, Peter Frampton, Billy Corgan and many more.
The quality is perfect.

(Broken Link. Leave a comment if you would like to hear this)

Track listing here.

I can’t find any official release trail on this but I’m happy to take the link down on request.

Now lets see if this gets more hits than Kate did last week. She’s a popular girl.

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