Earlier this week the Newspaper Edition of King of Limbs finally arrived. As with the heavy weight ‘In Rainbows’ boxed edition, this is another great example of creative media packaging. It has hours of biodegradable fun including an almost broad sheet newspaper with images, lyrics, prose illustrations, photos and good intentions.

The main website covering the event seems to be Citizen Insane but there are quite a few fan sites as well. This one is quite good……..

Like many others I kind of expected more music. Maybe there are clues in the packaging but I haven’t found them yet.

The Edition also includes a sheet of tiny printed icon on a perforated sheet. If I find out what I’m supposed to do with them I’ll let you know. Apparently this references Augustus Owsley Stanley III who was the chemist responsible for the Grateful Deads main recreational drug.

I’m a sucker for this type of stuff and given a bigger disposable income I would need a bigger house for it all. I would have acquired the recent ‘Wingless Angels’ edition (give the streaming tracks a listen on this page), but would probably listen to it once and then dig it out every two years when tidying up. Still desirable though, wood and cloth….. mmmmmmmmm

Theres a good interview with Radiohead artist in residence Stanley Donwood on Pitchfork which is here. I totally agree that modern distribution of music has lost a lot of impact with digital distribution and the limited ability of CD sized boxes & booklets. Gone are the days of gatefold sleeves, foil blocking, embossing, art books etc that used to make new releases all the more exciting so it’s a brave move by the band to keep up the good work with this kind of product production.

Anyway, a picture speaks….etc etc etc… so here is a little taster of the TKOL Newspaper Edition. Much nicer when it’s in your hand so go get one….

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