Tim Buckley

 Tim Buckley has leapt up my playlist this week. Father of Jeff and also sadly dead before his time. The videos below are a real mark of time. I was just becoming aware of the world in the early seventies and watching music programs like TOTP’s. Of course I prefered things like the Monkee’s & Sesame Street but these shows both had ‘serious’ musicians as guests. I still remember seeing Richie Havens on  Sesame Street well before watching the Woodstock movie.

Tim Buckley issued 9 studio albums and 7 live albums. Only about half of these are readily available but given his career only covered 1966 to 1975 it’s not a bad output. He’s probably not more well-known because he changed his style frequently and didn’t pursue commercial success.

Despite obvious similarities with Bob Dylan, Tim distanced himself from the scene and trod his own path making increasingly experimental albums. I would have to say he doesn’t have Bob’s writing skills but he pushed his own agenda and had an amazing live presence which is the most notable connection he has with Jeff. Tim always had a great band around him including on occasion notable guitarist Lee Underwood. I also love the use of the vibraphone on a number of the albums, a sadly underused instrument (come back Mark Linkous).

First here is a 1970 performance from US TV of a more experimental song, a bit free jazz, a bit avant garde and rocking it up in a very fetching brown jumper. This is a brilliant illustration of his vocal style.

Come Here Woman – 1970

The next song is Dolphin’s from the album Sefronia (1973) performed on the Old Grey Whistle test in May 1974, about a year before he died.

Dolphins – 1974

The final video is a short interview from 1970 that’s part of the documentary ‘My Fleeting House’ that came out in 2007. Another great mark of time with styles, language (hep cats!) and social attitudes.

Interview – 1970

Finally here’s an audio for later enjoyment. There are very few unreleased live performances but this one seems to be around in a few different forms. Other versions have a different and abbreviated song order so I can only hope this is full and complete. Despite a little fading the sound quality is excellent. It is also one of the latest live performances coming from early 1975. Also included is a good BBC interview which is dated 1974 in the original file. This is unreleased but as ever I’m happy / sad to take the link down on reasonable request.

Tim Buckley – Live at Starwood 1975

1: Opener – Buzzin’ Fly

2: Get On Top

3: 1st Set Closing

4: Nighthawkin’

5: Vamp

6: Dolphins

7: Sally Go Round

8-13: BBC Interview 1974

….and very finally, if you missed it before, you can find one of Tim’s greatest songs here in the ‘Animals’ post.

I can only advise you now hit Amazon and buy a couple of the reissues.

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