Buckley & Frasier

After a weekend of enjoying the sun and the parks of Nottingham, here’s a little closer for a great Sunday.

First is a little video with some #Hipstamatic & #Super8 images all taken in Woodthorpe Grange park, about 200 yards from my house. NCC have a good park policy and every where is looked after and can be very pretty and well used on a sunny summer (well, spring..) day. The sound track on this is a truly beautiful song performed by Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Frasier called ‘All Flowers In Time Bend Toward The Sun’. They had a brief relationship which I’m sure is documented somewhere (I’ll look up the Jeff Buckley BBC doc in due course). Such a smiley song and great for this weather….

(Apologies if it’s a slow loader, it needed HD!)

Next is the amazing Elizabeth Frasier singing the Tim Buckley song ‘Song of the Siren’ from the 4AD ‘This Mortal Coil’ album. I wish Liz did more, she has a unique and beautiful voice.

….and finally here’s a brief but glorious performance by Jeff Buckley and his band from around the time of the release of ‘Grace’. It’s a US radio show and sort of un-plugged. Information as follows;

Jeff Buckley (acoustic with band and interview)
99.1 WHFS-FM

“Just Passin’ Thru”
Omega Studio
Rockville MD
June 11, 1995
FM Broadcast
1. station intro > Last Goodbye > Lover, You Should’ve Come Over > station ID
2. interview > So Real > station ID
3. interview (with wonderful Elvis Costello imitation) > Grace > station ID & credits

Very much worth a listen. ‘Lover, You Should’ve Come Over’ is a stunning song and Jeff’s vocals are typically gymnastic.

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