Neil Young or Justin Bieber?

It was a tough call, Young > Bieber, Bieber > Young, I’ve been agonising all day!

This week I’ve still mostly been listening to Josh, J Mascis & Lift To Experience, but I did find 40 mins to watch the recent film that accompanies last years fine Neil Young album ‘Le Noise’. I’ll always buy new stuff by Neil but this album really goes some. I was surprised to find the video on YT and I’m sure it will only open in YT situ so sorry about the lack of embedding, but really, give it a try. It’s a great film and perfectly reflects the album. The ‘le noises’ coming out of this are classic Neil & Blackey.

I have no idea if the Bieber boy has sold as many records as Neil (I’m sure his recent album ‘My Worlds’ has sold more than ‘Le Noise’) through his career, and Justin’s male grooming regime seems more developed than Neil’s, but we probably need to sit back and see who’s career has the greatest longevity to really judge.

I’m not going to diss the Bieber. My older monkey seems to like him at the same time as knowing all the words to ‘Palaces of Montezuma’ by Grinderman so what the hey.

Heres an associated treat. I have lost the seeder comment but effectively this is Neil live in Washington DC in 2010 a little before ‘Le Noise’ was released. It includes tracks from the new album as well as some stone cold classics like ‘Down By The River’ & ‘Cortez The Killer’. All played solo, with Blackey and a serious fuzz box.

Neil Young – Live in Washington DC – 2010

01 – Opening

02 – My My, Hey Hey (Out of the Blue)

03 – Tell Me Why

04 – Helpless

05 – You Never Call

06 – Peaceful Valley

07 – Love & War

08 – Down By The River

09 – Hitchhiker

10 – Ohio

11 – Sign Of Love

12 – Leia

13 – After The Gold Rush

14 – I Bielieber In You

15 – Rumblin’

16 – Cortez the Killer

17 – Cinnamon Girl

18 – Walk With Me

Posting some Neil is also a good reason to bring this recent bit of scribbling to the top of the pile! Working on more original stuff soon seeing as how the sun is out. I might even post some reggae!

Neil Young - Shakey Aztec

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