Josh T. Pearson (Continued)

Ok, so I obsess. I think as this guys tour progresses there will be more and more goodies coming through. Mostly in downtime this week I’ve been on You Tube looking at current material and some older solo performances and even older ‘Lift To Experience’ performances.

So, here’s a selection of findings. First up are three songs performed Live which are the three songs on the new album. These seem to come from a French site although I found them on a good blog site which I’ll spend more time on. These songs are shot in l’église de la Madeleine, a roman catholic church in central Paris, where Josh has been living for the past few years (Paris, not the church). It starts with Thou Art Loosed with Rivers of Babylon, the opener from Wednesdays show.

The next two seem to come from the same show, again of french origin. A very different vibe which fuzzed up acoustic. Still really engaging performances of songs that I can’t find any recorded reference for.

…..and this really rocks……

Finally here’s one from 10 years ago and ‘Lift To Experience’ I have yet to hear the album in full but what I’ve heard is also stunning. it didn’t cross my world at the time for some reason, must have caught me napping. There are pretty much only good reviews of this album and the Wiki entry reads as follows;

The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads is a double-disc, concept album from Lift to Experience, an indie rock trio from Denton, Texas.

The recording, which saw release in 2001, was the first and only full-length recording from the band. Production duties were handled by Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde, both of Cocteau Twins fame.

The reference to the Cocteau Twins sort of took me by surprise but it makes total sense and joins the loop with Jeff Buckley. Small world indeed….

And finally finally a small documentary about LTE which came out around the release of The Texas Jerusalem Crossroads.

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