Primal Scream #2

So here is part two. The ‘Scream’ deserve some attention. The band have been doing their thing for a number of years and Bobby Gillespie has come out firmly on the side of doing it his own way. Thursday’s show at the O2 in Leicester was a great night. Excellent songs, pro playing and gut renching sound.

Here is the classic track ‘Loaded’ from Screamadelic with an assemblage of Hipstamatic pictures and 8mm cine thrown together in iMovie (which I’m slightly warming to). Almost 9 minutes so sit back and chill….

Good stuff, yeah??

So to close a really great quality boot from 2000. The torrent text goes like this….

PRIMAL SCREAM – HOUSE OF BLUES – July 2000 (Link is OOD. Message me if you want it)

Probably the BEST Primal Scream bootleg I’ve heard, and I’ve heard plenty.  Recorded at the peak of their form in LA (08-06-2000), complete with horn section and Kevin Shields’ audio mixing, this set captures the magic that I hope they can still come up with on the Dec 2008 tour.


Swastika Eyes
Shoot Speed, Kill Light
Burning Wheel
If They Move, Kill ‘Em
Insect Royalty
Keep Your Dreams
Indian Summer
Kill All Hippies
Blood Money
Sick City
Higher Than The Sun
Movin’ On Up
Kick Out The Jams

I  can wholly recommend this to the house. K-k-k-k-k-k-kick out the Jams!!!

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