Primal Scream #1

On Thursday the 24th of March Primal Scream did their Screamadelica revisted show at the O2 (?) Academy in Leicester. (I could bang on about the inequities of these venues and their corporate strategy endlessly but I won’t for now).

The staging was a bit wierd with the band taking a stand against the wall layout. However, the sound was excellent and well out side of the normal health & safety range. My hearing is still mildly fuzzy.

I have always enjoyed the Screamadelic record and have used it in anger in any number of appropriate circumstances. The Scream never played this live on release and I have to say I prefer some of the later noiseier albums.

Still, great gig, great sound, kickass performance…. heres one of the encore tracks, the strangely Stones like (irony) Country Girl….

I’m hoping to get a decent image collage out of some pics and audio soon….. check back tomorrow. If my plan plays out I’ll have a decent live boot to add in.

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