Hipstamatic Collage & Cacophany

Ok. First post of the weekend…….

Now, just so you know, I don’t consider this as any more than a doodle in advance of a preliminary sketch for an idea that might lead to a potential project…

The images in this are all #Hipstamatic pics taken at the lovely Elvaston Castle (check it out, pay a visit and stop it being turned into some corporate golf lodge and brothel….. sorry, spa resort).

The soundtrack or cacophony as like to call it has been made with some excellent equipment (iPad, Amplitube app & iRig, Korg iMS-20 app with a Tanglewood Bluesound six string) and an incredibly small amount of musical ability. I’m slowly getting a handle on what I can do (other than actually learning to play a guitar properly) to make original music and reinterpretations of some of the classics (3 chords, no bars only).

Pump up the Volume, mind out for the bass….

The two types of content have on this occasion been bought together through the iMovie app on iPhone which whilst functional is not as good as the Splice app which is unfortunatly to longer functional due to a recent iOS update. Anyone suffering the same problem should contact the nice people at Splice who assure me they are working on a fix. I would also encourge Apple to make the iMovie iPad app work on iPad V1 and I’m not the only one asking!! We know how to move content, don’t worry.

If the lovely people at Automatic can make WordPress work on iPhone & iPad V1 & V2 I’m sure Apple can sort their ting out, but…… they still need to fix content above/below issues in the apps.


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3 responses to “Hipstamatic Collage & Cacophany

  1. Mark

    ‘lo Acey Enfore,
    Well that certainly got the sub-woofer throbbing as foretold in the pre-amble.
    Very interesting to hear all that virtual equipment in action. Is the Korg iMS-20 app a virtual synthesiser then? Where did the drums/boingy rhythm(sp?) sound come from? Can you do multi-track recording as in record one bit then play it back and record a new layer along side it and then mix it down?
    All very inspiring! I’m sadly lacking in up to date soft and hardware. Wonder if Cubase LE works with Windows 7? It didn’t work with Vista and there were no plans to make it work with anything more recent than XP.
    Also can’t be arsed with the amount of wires involved with linking up my guitar processor with the computer.
    Need some of these apps for desktop!!!
    If I can solve some of these issues you could send me a file and I could add some lead guitar or whatever’s appropriate.
    “thinks” What would Radiohead do? (Other than branch out into publishing newspapers)!

    • Mark

      Forgive me. It’s an 8-Track recorder :¬)
      Just read your reply to my earlier comment.
      Really can’t be doing with all those wires and boxes though!

  2. Dude. I have about an hour to play with this. In theory I can record the boingy boingy on the iPad through Korg, export the track or the loop through iTunes then insert the loop into iRig and over dub guitar. When thats done you can export the whole track as a .wav or .mp3I was goinf try a riff around some thing slow and simple but being hampered by any form of skill, timing or ‘ear’ doesn’t help. I’ll let you know how it goes. A4

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