J Mascis II

 I can’t rate the new J Mascis album ‘Several Shades of Why’ any higher. Its a work of sublime beauty. I hope it reaches a decent audience.

J has been playing around the SXSW festival recently so here are two pieces of fresh fruit.

First, this is title track from the album. The studio version features a wonderful interplay of guitar and violin. This however is J on his own playing it live…..

I’ve played the album a dozen time in the last week and it just gets better. Treat your self.

Now here’s the full audio set from SXWS.

Date Recorded: 2011-03-16
Date Added To Archive: 2011-03-17 
Venue: SXSW 2011 RollingStone Showcase
Austin TX USA
Artist: J Mascis
Style: Acoustic / Electric
Artist Names: J Mascis
Media Type: MP3 256 

J Mascis – SXSW 2011

1 Noodeling 
2 Listen To Me 
3 Several Shades of Why 
4 Circle 
5 Get Me  
6 Not Enough 
7 Ammaring 
8 Little Fury Things  
9 Not You Again  
10 Alone

It doesn’t get much better than this. Audio and video from www.freesofree.net. Thanks to J for being a complete genius.

As always, if any one has issues with this being available, please let me know and I’ll remove all content & links.

Please have a good look around J’s website here http://jmascis.com/ It’s full of joy!

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